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SNL Stars Respond To Viral TikTok Vid Claiming Show Doesn't Hire 'Hot Women'

SNL’s Sarah Sherman & Chloe Troast Respond To Viral TikTok Claiming Show Doesn’t ‘Hot Women’

A TikTok user has gone viral for her hot take — or should we say, not-hot take? — about the women of Saturday Night Live!

Last month, TikToker @jahelis posted a nearly four minute video talking about how she doesn’t think the sketch comedy show has ever hired a hot woman. What?!?! She opened the controversial clip by posing the question:

“Am I the only person who’s ever noticed SNL has never hired a, like, hot woman?”

She went into detail about how some of the show’s stars both past and present, like Heidi Gardner, Kristen Wiig, Maya Rudolph, and others may fill the category of “conventionally attractive,” but never “hot.” Well, sans Regina Hall. But mostly, she’s of the opinion it’s all notties.

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You can watch her full video (below):


Hoepfulky at least one person out there understands what I’m trying to say #kristinwiig #palmroyale #appletvseries #snl #snlwomen #mayarudolph #jimmyfallon

♬ original sound – Jahelis

This week the vid went so viral it hit the tipping point where the very people it was about actually saw it! The women of SNL have heard — and they have the PERFECT responses!! On Monday, Sarah Sherman reposted the video on X (Twitter), and hilariously added her own sarcastic caption:

“just found out i’m not hot. please give me and my family space to grieve privately and uglily at this time.”


Newcomer Chloe Troast, who was just hired for season 49 of the show, took to Instagram on Tuesday to stitch the video with some help from Christina Aguilera. Or at least her lyrucs. Yes, that would be the star singing to the lyrics of the pop star’s hit 2002 song Beautiful:

“I am beautiful no matter what they say // Words can’t bring me down”


Commenters on the TikToker’s original vid made their disagreement clearly known, too. That prompted the creator to follow up with a second video:

“I would like to apologize to no one and will go on living in a world where apparently Tina Fey looks like Megan Fox.”

Oof!! See her FULL video (below):


Welp. Thanks for the press ! I guess. #snl #snlsketch #hotwomen

♬ original sound – Jahelis

Thoughts?? Do you agree or disagree? Let us know down in the comments!

[Images via Jahelis/TikTok & NBC/YouTube]

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