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SNL Takes On Trump Bible As Host Ramy Youssef Prays For Gaza -- & Travis Scott Performs!

SNL Takes On Trump Bible As Host Ramy Youssef Prays For Gaza -- & Travis Scott Performs!

Saturday Night Live is back! With Ramy Youssef on hosting duty!

On Saturday night, the beloved sketch comedy show returned after a few week hiatus. And this time, the Poor Things actor took the Studio 8H stage to share an important message. Opening his monologue, Ramy began:

“This is an incredibly spiritual weekend. We’re in the holy month of Ramadan. Tomorrow is Easter, and yesterday Beyoncé released a new album. There’s just so many religions celebrating all at once.”

Ha! More on that in a bit!

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He went on to talk about everything from how the Muslim community is so “loving,” to the upcoming Presidential election. But most importantly, he shared a message about the conflict in Gaza. In a bit about praying, he shared that he’s become the person his friends turn to in times of need. He remembered once being asked to pray on a friend’s behalf in their dog custody trial (HA), right before another asked for him to pray for their family who are suffering in Gaza. He recalled of his prayer that night:

“So that night, I go to pray, and my prayers are complicated. I’ve got a lot to fit in. I’m like, God, please stop the suffering, stop the violence. Please, free the people of Palestine, please. And please free the hostages, all the hostages, please.”

The live audience began cheering, before he added:

“And while you’re at it, free Mr. Bojangles, he’s a beautiful dog.”

Watch his full monologue (below):

The episode began with a cold open poking fun at Donald Trump’s latest business endeavor, The Trump Bible: The Gospel of Donald Trump, which he’s selling for $60 a pop. James Austin Johnson took center stage as the Presidential candidate in a skit about the resurrection of Jesus in honor of Easter.  But instead of Jesus rising from the tomb, it was Johnson’s Trump! HA!

He said in the skit:

“That’s right, it’s Easter. The time of year when I compare myself to Jesus Christ. That’s’ just a thing I do now and people seem to be okay with it, I’m going to keep doing it. And if you think that this is a bad look, imagine how weird it would be if I started selling Bibles. Well, I’m selling Bibles.”

He held up the book, adding:

“Look at this beautiful Bible, made from 100% Bible. Sounds like a joke and in many ways it is, but it’s also very real. As you know, I love Bible. It’s my favorite book. I’ve definitely read it. My favorite part is probably the ending. How it all wraps up. But this is a very special Bible. And it can be yours for the high, high price of $60. But I’m not doing this for the money. I’m doing this for the glory of God. And for pandering and mostly for money.”


It just keeps getting more Trump-y from there. You can watch the entire clip (below):

Also in the studio was this week’s musical guest Travis Scott, who performed My Eyes and FE!N, featuring Playboi Carti. Watch (below):

You can see all the rest of the show’s highlights (below):

Thoughts on this week’s episode?? Let us know down in the comments!

[Images via NBC/Peacock]

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