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Soho Karen Says She Can't Be Racist Because She's 'A Woman Of Color'

Soho Karen Miya Ponsetto Not Racist Person Of Color Interview Gayle King

This interview was so cray, they had to give you a weekend to catch your breath in between segments!

In case you missed it on Friday, Gayle King got an exclusive sitdown with Soho Karen herself, the young woman who falsely accused a Black teenager of stealing her phone — and then tackled the 14-year-old — in a viral video captured by his father in an NYC hotel lobby over the holidays.

The 22-year-old California native, whose real name is Miya Ponsetto, was arrested by Ventura County sheriff’s deputies on Thursday on a fugitive warrant for fleeing the scene of the now-infamous incident. But cops didn’t get her before she was able to tell her side on CBS This Morning.

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And oh man, that interview is the wildest, most self-entitled convo we’ve seen since Cash Me Ousside. Especially when she told Gayle to shut up!

Miya Ponsetto interview CBS This Morning
“Alright Gayle! Enough.” Classic. / (c) CBS This Morning/YouTube

She really went out to show the public another side of herself — and chose to wear a hat that says “Daddy.” LOLz! No wonder CBS This Morning doubled down for twice the ratings, airing the second part of their one-on-one on Monday.

Ponsetto continued to deny she had racially profiled the teen — despite being 100% certain in that video it was the Black family responsible for the theft, despite having no evidence at any time that it was them. (BTW, it wasn’t anyone. She had lost her phone, and it turned out the hotel had it.)

Most incredibly, she had a hilarious defense she thought would exonerate her: she can’t be racist because she isn’t white. She said:

“I wasn’t racial profiling whatsoever. I am Puerto Rican. I’m like, a woman of color. I’m Italian, Greek, Puerto Rican…”

Well, something tells us that isn’t going to hold up in court.

Miya was extradited back to Manhattan where she appeared in court on Saturday; she was ultimately arraigned on two counts of attempted assault, as well as one each of attempted robbery, grand larceny, and endangering the welfare of a child. She did not enter a plea, but something tells us based on her lackluster apology, if you can call it that, and her continuous dodging of any accountability that she’s inclined to plead not guilty. Though we imagine her lawyers will advise against it considering the surveillance video evidence against her. We’ll find out soon as she’s due back in court on March 29.

Ch-ch-check out the full second half of Miya’s miraculously un-self aware defense (below)!


[Image via CBS This Morning/YouTube.]

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