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The Wall Street Journal ran this article about Perez Hilton’s “fake news” on their front cover today.
The only thing “fake” is that essay that was allegedly written by Castro about Clinton and Obama. Or any old video footage of him that may be released in the future, claiming to be “new.”
You know what?
We still stand by our reporting 110%. Our (government) sources were/are impeccable on this story.
Fidel Castro is dead!
We would LOVE for the Cuban government to prove us wrong, but they won’t. The only way to without a doubt verify that Fidel is still alive is for him to go for a nice stroll around Havana. But it’s not going to happen! NOT going to happen!
Dead. Dead. Dead.
We talk about Castro and more in this article in the Dallas Voice, including Wentworth Miller, Jodie Foster, Owen Wilson, Jessica & Asslee Simpson and Bobby Trendy!

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Aug 31, 2007 08:56am PDT

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