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Surprise! These Two Supernatural Stars Just Got Engaged!

Surprise! These Two Supernatural Stars Just Got Engaged!

Fans are in for a Supernatural wedding!

During Wednesday’s episode of the Locked and Probably Loaded podcast, co-host DJ Qualls, who starred as werewolf Garth on the hit CW, show revealed some exciting news! He and co-star Ty Olsson, who played vampire Benny on the same show, are getting married!


DJ recalled meeting Ty briefly at a Supernatural convention years ago, before they bumped into each other again in London just five days later. At the time, DJ had plans to go one a trip to Turkey with a group of friends and Ty bravely asked if he could join — despite not really know the group all that well! Which DJ thought was so “pure”! And on that trip, the two became “inseparable.” DJ told his co-host Kelly Blackheart:

“Ty and I became inseparable at the very beginning, like, just immediately. And over the last 10 years, our relationship evolved to what it is today. And now we’re getting married.”

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Awww! He continued:

“It’s just so crazy that this person who was just my friend now, I think about all the time, and he sends me the best messages, and supports me, and loves me unconditionally in the right way, because I would never abuse that.”

The 45-year-old talked about how unconditional love actually does have a condition: having each other’s best interests in mind, which it sounds like they most definitely do! He shared:

“And now we’re going to be old men together, which is so crazy. He’s the best.”

Watch him talk more about it (below):

That is SO sweet! We’re so happy for the fiancés!

Share your congratulations in the comments down below!

[Images via The CW/YouTube]

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