Susan Lucci Wants In On The Revamped All My Children Action!

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The AH-mazing Erica Kane returns!

At least, she’s hoping to, and we bet she’ll hatch some devious scheme to make it happen, HA!

Even though Susan Lucci has been noticeably absent from the online only revamped version of ABC sitcom All My Children, it seems the seasoned actress is totally up to revisit her role as the brilliant, selfish Erica Kane.

Lucci recently addressed the idea of coming back to the show, saying:

“I hope so. We’re trying. When they started shooting, I was smack in the middle of doing Devious Maids. And also they have a challenging schedule themselves. They’re five weeks on, five weeks off. So we’re trying to fix it somehow. It’s something we want to do and we hope to achieve it.”

Oooo we hope hope hope this happens!

She’s an original cast member, it’s only right!

Plus, Erics is arguably one of the BEST Soap Opera characters EVER, and no one would be able to portray her sassy self like Susan can!

May 10, 2013 7:00pm PDT

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