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Swimissue Dominates Miami Swimweek With Star Studded Show And ModelCoins Cryptocurrency


The new Victoria’s Secret style fashion, media and lifestyle brand was a total sensation last week at Miami Swimweek.

Some of the biggest models and influencers in the world stunned and dazzled the crowd and VIP guests at a celebrity-packed Plymouth Hotel. Miami’s biggest stars were in attendance including many influencers, pop stars, rappers, film directors, actors and fashion moguls immediately making the new Swimissue fashion lingerie line and circus-themed runway show a viral sensation at Swimweek on social media.

Paris Hilton tagged the swimissue instagram and Lamar Odom posted, saying: “it was by far the best show of the week” especially with its #FreeBritney girl power, provocative message of support.

Swimissue is the new, intimate swimwear, lingerie, evening, and wellness product fashion brand. Swimissue is also an invite-only, streaming platform for models & influencers to make money selling their exclusive content. The platform also includes its own ModelCoin utility cryptocurrency (@modelcoins) with 20% of the token supply donated to the charities of the famous faces of the Swimissue lifestyle brand.

Investors, celebrities and fans alike are salivating over this brand because of all the revenue streams it includes such as video streaming, Zoom-style Group video chats, rare Swimissue NFT collectibles, monthly subscriptions, crypto and live celebrity auction powered by Coinbase.

The company is founded by ‘Planet X’, sci-fi film writer/producer and tech entrepreneur Timothy E. Burke who also founded RUON.Ai &, the first company to process a blockchain transaction in space on their way to helping eradicate global extreme poverty.

He said:

“It’s always been my vision to create a network of new media, fashion, entertainment, blockchain, and aerospace companies which all support each other and whose main charity goal is to help eradicate extreme poverty around the world. The idea is that they are all connected and support each other, and, as correctly coined by John F Kennedy; “all boats rise on a rising tide.”

Some of the famous faces walking the show included Chanel Postrel (and event Creative Director), Halle Mcmath, Brook Adams, Amber Davis, Stefanie Gurzanski, Makayla Storms, Amanda Mariexo, Julia Hamilton, Taylor Jade, Sara Nicole Michaels, Betsy Alvarez, Jessica Vargas, Mackenzie Timlanis, Vanessa Velasquez, Mia Hewett, Kristina Ren, and Jenn Lee. The company also named July’s ‘Swimissue Angel of the month’ as being Linda Decicco. See her exclusive new shoot for Swimissue Miss July at Miami Swimweek coming soon only on

Chanel Postrel, the event’s creative director shared:

“We wanted our first show to be powerful and provocative. This was about beauty, fashion and girl power and so we wanted to support our girl Britney Spears with our #FreeBritney theme! I think Stefanie’s Free Britney look was one of the most talked-about of the week and an iconic image for the swimissue brand. Tim always strives to be original and unique and this was no exception, I think this was one of the most cutting edge shows of this or any previous swimweek, and this is just the beginning.”

(c) Fame by Sheeraz

Because of the star power that Swimissue carries with their brand, top entertainment and model agencies are now in talks with Swimissue about global campaigns and partnering on their exclusive content and streaming service to bring in much-needed revenues for their own talent and model agencies during these Covid times.

The platform is a classy invite-only content platform & lifestyle brand, created for models and influencers wanting to earn revenue from their content and a fashionable and elegant alternative than joining other platforms like Onlyfans. Swimissue (@swimissue) and ModelCoins (@modelcoins) has arrived! Signup today to use your ModelCoins which power the Swimissue ecosystem! Join today at:

The Swimissue company would like to thank; WildFox Founder; Jimmy Sommers, Alex Mitchell for celebrating his epic birthday, and Skylar Maximillian partner at Model VolleyBall, The Plymouth Hotel, and all the Miami Model & Talent Agencies for making this all possible.

[Image via Fame by Sheeraz]

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