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This Dad Paid $21,000 For His Daughter To See Taylor Swift!

This Dad Paid $21,000 For His Daughter To See Taylor Swift!

This Massachusetts dad went above and beyond for his daughter!

Anthony Silva had some trouble when he spent $1,800 on Taylor Swift tickets back in December through ticket reseller StubHub. The father found out his tickets weren’t available THE DAY BEFORE The Eras Tour show, and since the show was completely sold out, the app couldn’t offer him an alternative ticket! A Swiftie’s worst nightmare, for sure.

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The distraught dad told WCVB 5 of the issue:

“This is just not right. In my opinion, they should not wait until the day before for the tickets to be sent out by the re-seller.”

But despite the odds, he wasn’t going to disappoint his daughter. He spent an insane amount — $21,000 to be exact — so his daughter and her friends could attend the show and ride in a limo:

“We played a joke on them telling them yesterday, telling them the tickets were really gone, and the look on their faces I never want to see again. One girl had a quivering lip. I won’t tell you who.”

In the end, the Swift superfans got to go to their show, and StubHub is due to return Anthony’s original $1,800 in 2 weeks time. Such a frustrating moment, but this dad surely knows how to Shake It Off! Also, we’re guessing he can lord this over his daughter for many years to come…

[Image via MEGA/WENN]

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