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Taylor Swift Thinks Joe Alwyn Leaked The Breakup News?!

Taylor Swift Thinks Joe Alwyn Leaked Breakup News

What really happened between Taylor Swift and Joe Alwyn? We’ve been trying to piece it all together, but a lot of the foundation of what we “know” might just be wrong. And the couple themselves are keeping quiet of course… or are they?

On DeuxMoi‘s latest podcast on Thursday, the celeb gossip antenna spilled new info they heard from an insider — who claimed the news of Taylor being the breaker upper wasn’t quite as cut-and-dry as it sounded. Heck, if all this is true, the whole damn breakup was messier than what we’d heard!

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The source said the couple had been going through a “bumpy” patch for a long time — which does fit with the claims we’ve heard. Earlier sources said the issue was Joe not being able to get used to Taylor’s “superstar” persona coming back out as their pandemic lockdown coziness took a backseat to her career. This new source claimed Joe was seeming “more and more withdrawn up to the start of the tour and the start of him going off to film.”

They say Taylor is the one who “brought it to a head” and acknowledged the friction bubbling below the surface, asking her longtime boyfriend, “Do we need to address this?” And it was then Joe who suggested putting the relationship on hold! The source said:

“He was like, ‘Why don’t we just take a break and call this tour a chance for a breather and to reassess, and we’ll see where things stand at the end of it.'”

Whoa! If that’s true, it sounds like he actually did the breaking up! But apparently Taylor didn’t see it as a breakup so much as a break. In other words, she took his words at face value! The insider explained:

“She was fine with it, but I think she thought he’d miss her like crazy and they’d get back together again eventually. Instead, he not only seemed OK with the distance and space, but she absolutely thinks he’s the one who leaked the news.”

Damn! That took a hell of a turn!

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If this is accurate, it sounds like Joe got the breakup he wanted without having to do a full-on dumping — but then used the media to make the full-on split official, putting it out into the universe and letting the chips fall where they may!

If he really did that, it’s a disturbingly shrewd, callous move. We don’t know Joe Alwyn even remotely well enough to judge whether he’s the type of f**kboi who could do a thing like that. We mostly just think he’s a cutie who was good in The Favourite. But Taylor knows the boy, all too well if you will. She’d know if he were trouble. If she thinks Joe leaked the news of their breakup, that says a LOT about what she thinks of him. We mean… damn.

What do YOU think of all this, Perezcious relationship experts?? You can listen to the full podcast episode for yourself HERE.

[Image via Taylor Swift/Kelly Clarkson/YouTube.]

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