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Teddi Mellencamp BODIED Vicki Gunvalson On Twitter After Vicious Feud Ignited Over Interview Comment!

Teddi Mellencamp BODIED Vicki Gunvalson On Twitter After Vicious Feud Ignited Over Interview Comment!

Vicki Gunvalson went in on Teddi Mellencamp this week — and then Teddi absolutely BODIED her in response!

This is the kind of Real Housewives content we live for! An epic Bravo bust-up crossover between newly-sworn enemies from RHOC and RHOBH, and we want more!! LOLz!

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So this all started on Wednesday when ET posted a joint interview with Vicki and Tamra Judge to promote season two of Real Housewives: The Ultimate Girls Trip. Tamra, of course, also hosts the podcast Two Ts In A Pod along with Teddi. At one point during the interview, the ET folks pondered whether that side gig could affect Judge’s future on Bravo.

Out of nowhere, Gunvalson gunned for Teddi, stepping in to answer with her personal thoughts on the Housewives recap podcast that included this jaw-dropping gem:

“I don’t know Teddi Mellencamp, but I don’t like Teddi Mellencamp. I don’t know, something about her bugs me.”

Ohhhhhhh yeah! Those are fighting words! And from there, it was ON!

Being a true friend to Tamra and all, Teddi did her (HIGHlarious) duty hours later by promoting Vicki’s eye-popping comments on Instagram! Tagging the ET correspondent in the post, Teddi snarkily plugged RHUGT while sharing (below):

“Be sure to tune into Season 2 of #RHUGT tomorrow on @peacocktv! Starring my friend and @two.ts.inapod cohost @tamrajudge, I can only hope @vickigunvalson got paid in gas cards cause her love tank seems like it’s stuck on empty lately. Hope this post doesn’t have her calling my @iheartradio boss to try and take my job again…”


That gas card comment… and the “take my job again” comment… Teddi has NO chill! Of course, Vicki came for her first (and apparently unprovoked!), so who’s to say Teddi is in the wrong here anyways?! Here’s that full post (below):

Per Us Weekly, Vicki took to the comments section to deny ever trying to “take” Teddi’s job, writing:

“What the heck?? I’m good honey… I have a career and work with @debtcom. Oh… and my love tank is full and it’s not stuck on empty at all. That was rude! Please don’t use me for content on your podcast please.”

But the feud was FAR from over!

Also on Wednesday, the former Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star took to her IG Stories to follow up. In one slide, she slammed Vicki by name, saying “jealously isn’t cute on anyone” and “one would think you would be proud of your bestie” while tagging Tamra.

And in a second slide, as you can see side-by-side (below), Teddi further called out “hurt people” while again referencing Vicki’s alleged job-taking past:

Teddi Mellencamp Absolutely BODIED Vicki Gunvalson On Twitter -- Reignited Feud Explained!
“Thanks for taking the time to talk about me.” / (c) Teddi Mellencamp/Instagram


Teddi wasn’t content to stop with just IG commentary, though! Things got particularly vicious on Twitter in a follow-up!

Later on Wednesday, the certified nutrition and wellness coach took to the second social media site to deliver another blow to Vicki by calling out the RHOC star’s sordid past with ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers. As Bravo fans will recall, Ayers admitted to faking a cancer diagnosis during the tenth season of Vicki’s run on the hit reality TV show.

So, Teddi not-so-innocently tweeted about how she was enjoying I Love That For You on Showtime, which just so happens to have a very, um, FAMILIAR plot line:


Vicki was rightfully thrown off her game by that comment too! Trying to fumble through a response, the Coto Insurance exec replied that it was a “low blow,” and that she’d managed to last more than a decade longer than Teddi did in the Real Housewives realm. But Teddi had an incredible retort ready for that, too!

After Vick started popping off about numbers, Mellencamp publicly pondered the conservative blonde’s whereabouts during the January 6 coup attempt at the U.S. Capitol Building in Washington, DC:

DEAD!!! Literally dead! There’s no more!

How do you even come back from a tweet like that?! (Vicki didn’t come back, actually. Her Twitter and Instagram feeds haven’t had any further responses to Teddi’s commentary as of Thursday morning. So clearly we know who won. Just saying!)

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Tamra had been quiet for much of the feud after sitting by Vicki’s side when the whole thing first blew up. But on Wednesday evening, she decided to pop back in for some more, as well!

Replying to Vicki’s tweet about lasting for 14 years in the Real Housewives realm, Tamra tweeted an old clip of RHOA alum NeNe Leakes asking “Now why am I in it” and “See how I get thrown into stuff” to express her bewilderment at being tagged throughout:

Interestingly, Teddi wasn’t content to leave it at that, though! Late on Wednesday night, after the ignited feud led to Twitter trending topics and all the rest, the mom and ex-Bravolebrity took to her IG Stories once again to comment some more.

In one slide, Teddi shared a screenshot of a screenshot (yes, really) of her Twitter exchange with Vicki and Tamra, and wrote:

“It’s been a long day over here. Long story short. If someone would have supported their friend, this never would have happened.”

Whoa! Is that a dig at Tamra for not standing up for her podcast pal?! Hours later, in another slide, Teddi appeared to show love for Tamra while also abruptly bringing in Kyle Richards to the argument!

As you can see (below), Teddi counseled the world to “be kind” and “stand up for yourself and the people you care about,” while speaking favorably of Kyle’s longstanding loyalty to Tamra:

Teddi Mellencamp Absolutely BODIED Vicki Gunvalson On Twitter -- Reignited Feud Explained!
“That’s what friends do!” Yeesh!! / (c) Teddi Mellencamp/Instagram

And Teddi wasn’t even done there!! For good measure, Mellencamp followed things up with another slide early on Thursday morning.

In it, she quoted Lewis Carroll, writing:

“It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then.”

Uh… OK.

That’s definitely one way to look at this whole thing! Not sure it’s the lesson we’d take away from it all, tho. Ha! Still, the January 6 comment has us REELING! What about U, Perezcious readers?? What did U think of that line?! Share your take down in the comments (below)!!

[Image via Teddi Mellencamp/Vicki Gunvalson/Instagram]

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