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Tekashi 6ix9ine's Ex Turns Him Away From Seeing His Daughter On Christmas!

Tekashi 6ix9ine is going through some major baby momma drama!

This Christmas might have served as a wake-up call to Tekashi 6ix9ine… or, at least, that’s what his baby momma is probably hoping for right about now!

The rapper spent this Christmas holiday without his daughter yet again, only this time he can’t blame prison for the absence. As it turned out, it all came down to his own shortcomings, as his baby momma claims he hasn’t been around at all this year to earn the right to a Christmas visit!

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According to TMZ, Tekashi’s ex Sara Molina chose not to allow the performing artist to see the child they share together, 5-year-old Saraiyah, on Christmas because “he’s been completely out of the picture.” Not cool, dude!

All this started, too, after he recently made promises to get back into the little girl’s life again. Back in August, according to the outlet, the embattled rapper told his ex that he would support Saraiyah financially and help with their daughter’s expenses at the very least. The plan was apparently for him to actually spend some time with her, too. However, according to Sara, neither one of those things has happened, and his words “turned out to be an empty promise.”

Molina allegedly even went so far as to give 6ix9ine an “open door policy” on coming to see Saraiyah wherever and whenever he wanted, but even that never panned out. According to the little girl’s momma, the last time Tekashi sent any money or saw his daughter at all was in early September. Yikes…

Even worse than that, Sara also alleges that Tekashi missed his daughter’s fifth birthday back in October! Like, completely missed it; according to her, “he didn’t send a present or even place a phone call.” Obviously, with a little kid involved, that’s a huge no-no! A fifth birthday?! That’s like, one of the best birthdays ever! Come on, man!!

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As for Tekashi’s side, his attorney Lance Lazzaro spoke to the media outlet and claimed that the artist is actually trying to be part of his daughter’s life, but is being prevented from doing so by Sara. And for the record, Lazzaro also claims that Tekashi was “planning to send Christmas gifts regardless of his situation with her mom,” as well. So, there’s that, we suppose.

Still, it sounds like a tough Christmas for Tekashi — and even more than that, no matter the reason is for it, it reportedly really sounds like he is far away from Saraiyah, both physically and emotionally. Sad stuff!

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