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Margaret Josephs Had WHAT About Teresa Giudice & Luis Ruelas In Her Envelope At RHONJ Reunion?!

Teresa Giudice Husband Luis Ruelas RHONJ Reunion Margaret Josephs Accusations

Teresa Giuduce and Luis Ruelas are in hot water once again — and this time, it’s even more serious!

As we found out on Thursday’s reunion episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey, the drama between Margaret Josephs and the accused goes a lot deeper than we originally thought. As you know, the whole legal issue between the 56-year-old and the couple started when everyone else’s did — when Luis got tangled up with his friend and private investigator Bo Dietl, AKA the one who “knows s**t about everybody in this room” at the reunion.

After Teresa called out Margaret for defending Rachel Fuda by saying she’s just as bad as a PI, things quickly got messy:

“Look who’s talking, [and] who’s calling the kettle black. That’s all she does is — you live and breathe by trying to find out information on people.”

Margaret argued that she’d never hire an investigator to find out all the dirt of her castmates, with Teresa clapping back and saying the only reason she hasn’t is she can’t afford one! During all this reunion arguing, though, you may have also noticed Marge had a big yellow envelope. And now a TikTok user thinks she knows what was in it!

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Social media user BravoBabe posted a shocking tweet claiming to have spoken to close sources regarding the contents of Margaret’s envelope. In the tweet, she wrote:

“All of the info that I am sharing is from a trusted source close to the situation. The envelope contained receipts of all Margarets claims.”


As you know, Margaret previously made some pretty big allegations against Teresa and Luis — including claims that he called her son and threatened him, that they worked together in a smear campaign to “cancel” her — and according to this insider, she has all the proof she needs!

In the video, the TikTok user explains how Luis spoke to “a couple bloggers” and said they had “dirt” on Margaret which would get her canceled, which was originally his and Teresa’s goal. They allegedly wanted to ruin her career and get her Candie Couture deal with Walmart ended. Margaret got wind of this and took legal action, allegedly gathering up tons of proof for her case, which she had in her envelope on the reunion:

“Financial records of payments, media outlets saying they were contacted phone records. Louie and Teresa did in fact hire a PR company to smear and cancel Margaret. Louie DID call Margarets son. Yes you can spoof a phone call, but thats not what happened here. Louie personally called him with threats. The police have seen the proof, Bravo has seen it…”

This is turning into a lot more than just some Housewives drama! In fact, BravoBabe seems to think Luis might not even have a role in the show next season due to all of this legal mess:

“My guess is we will see less of Louie next season, and ill happily say I told ya so.”


You can see the full video (below):

Now, of course, we must take this with a grain of salt as we have no idea who BravoBabe’s source is — but if this is true, it looks like Luis and Teresa might be finished once and for all! Reactions, Perezcious readers?

[Image via Bravo/YouTube.]

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