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Margaret Josephs Accuses Teresa Giudice’s Husband Luis Ruelas Of Threatening Her Son During RHONJ Reunion Part 2!

RHONJ’s Margaret Josephs Claims Teresa Giudice’s Husband Luis Reulas ‘Threatened’ Her Son!

The ladies of The Real Housewives of New Jersey are throwing out some serious accusations about Teresa Giudice’s new husband!

During part two of the reunion on Tuesday, the shocking claims about Luis Ruelas began when Rachel Fuda accused him of tracking down and contacting her adopted son Jaiden’s birth mom – who has since claimed her husband John was preventing her from seeing their kid. She told the group that “there was information found about what prison she’s in, [and] where she was” – noting that the 48-year-old was responsible for it. When asked why she believed it was Luis who reached out to her child’s birth mother, Rachel shared that she “was told this by somebody very close to me.” However, she insisted it was not one of her RHONJ co-stars!

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Sorry, Teresa, you cannot blame Melissa Gorga for this sticky situation! Host Andy Cohen went on to question Miz Giudice why her hubby would locate Jaiden’s biological mom, but she wasn’t very helpful as she responded that she had “no idea,” with a massive grin on her face. Hmm. Considering Luis admitted his friend and private investigator Bo Dietl “knows s*** about everybody in this room,” AKA the RHONJ cast, it’s hard to believe she has zero clue what Rachel is talking about. Then, Teresa attempted to change the topic and go after Margaret Josephs for defending Rachel:

“Look who’s talking, [and] who’s calling the kettle black. That’s all she does is — you live and breathe by trying to find out information on people.”

For her part, Margaret swore she would never hire a PI just to discover information about her castmates. Teresa agreed, noting that it was only because she couldn’t afford to get one. Oof. Did she just accidentally confess she and Luis did hire a private investigator since they have money to do so? Once again, Teresa deflected by insisting Margaret “started” the drama by talking about Luis’ past “last season.”

That’s when the gloves came off for Margaret! Later in the episode, she claimed that her son “was called and threatened at work by Luis.” Whoa! Not OK! Teresa seemed confused by the accusation, but Margaret pulled out the “phone records” that supposedly proved what happened. She then insisted:

“Teresa knows it.”

As for what happened? Margaret claimed her son was “called by name and threatened,” adding that the person said on the phone:

“I’m the guy you need to worry about.”

When Teresa was shown the phone records, she confirmed that it was Luis’ phone number on the sheet. However, the 51-year-old noted that the call was most likely some sort of “spoofing” from a hacker pretending to be one of their co-stars. Andy confirmed there “is some hack going on with the Housewives,” but pointed out that the difference with this call is that someone said something on the other side, unlike other hack calls. But Teresa claimed she has had someone talk to her during a spoof call before. She then refused to discuss the matter anymore, defending Luis:

“He would not call her child — please.”

However, Margaret wasn’t done yet! Swearing what happened was “true,” she revealed that she told Dolores Catania about the situation in April 2023. Of course, Teresa became infuriated that Dolores didn’t say anything, but her pal didn’t want to get involved. She fired back that she thought Teresa “knew” and “wants nothing to do with” the conversation “at all.”

From there, Teresa cut off Andy to prove Margaret’s son’s call debacle was nothing more than a spoofing hack, telling him she received “two missed calls from Margaret Josephs” during the reunion. But during this conversation, Teresa innerestingly enough pulled out her phone. And Rachel quickly clapped back that “Luis is watching” backstage and could have changed his name in her phone and asked him to call her twice during filming. Things are not looking good for Teresa and Luis! After failing to defend themselves, Margaret further shared that her son received the mysterious call on a landline – “a business phone that no one has the number.”

That’s when things got even more heated! When Margaret said she never wanted to see Luis’ “f**king sham of a face again,” Teresa called her co-star “a devil” and “disgusting.” Margaret then slammed Teresa for being “a criminal” who has been “gaslit” and “belittled” by Luis. Yikes…

What a messy, messy situation! Reactions to the reunion, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments below.

[Image via Real Housewives Of New Jersey/Peacock]

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