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Tessica Brown FINALLY Gets The Gorilla Glue Out Of Her Hair!

tessica brown got gorilla glue removed in procedure

The saga of the Gorilla Glue hair has finally concluded.

In case you somehow missed Tessica Brown‘s story, here’s a recap: Tessica, a Louisiana native and daycare owner, ran out of her preferred Got2B Glued Blasting Freeze Hairspray while doing her hair and made the critical error of reaching for some Gorilla Glue spray instead. Several weeks, washes, and home remedy attempts later, her hair was STILL stuck, and she took her plight to TikTok and Instagram.

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Of course, the alarming clip (that still showed off Tessica’s humor, as she complained, “Stiff where? My hair.”) went mega viral. Some people reacted in cruelty about how a 40-year-old could make such an egregious mistake. Others rallied around her with kindness, and even boosted her GoFundMe (which had a goal of $1,500) to over $20,000. But no matter what your opinion was, EVERYBODY seemed invested in Tessica’s mission to get that glue out of her hair.

Well, we can now reveal the outcome of this unfortunate (though admittedly amusing at times) viral tale — and we’re relieved to say it has a happy ending! When we last left Tessica, the mother of five was headed to Los Angeles to see Dr. Michael Obeng, a plastic surgeon who agreed to work on her hair for free.

TMZ went along for the ride, and filmed the entire four-hour (!!!) procedure. Incredibly, he was not only able to get the glue out, but save some of her hair, too. (Tessica had previously been concerned about suffering permanent scalp damage.) The relief she feels after being able to run her fingers through her hair after more than a month is palpable.

Check it out below:

If you’re interested in the science of the situation, Dr. Obeng also explained to TMZ his process, which included combining medical grade adhesive remover, aloe vera, olive oil ,and a dash of acetone in order to break down polyurethane, the main ingredient in Gorilla Glue. You can check that out below as well:

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Tessica told the outlet she was prepared to wear wigs for the rest of her life, but now, she’s excited to grow her hair back out to its original length.

It’s so nice that this story had such a positive outcome, and we really appreciate the kindness of Dr. Obeng and all of Tessica’s supporters. She came under a harsh spotlight during this ordeal, and we’re glad she’ll be able to return to her life and make a healthy recovery. Thanks for keeping us all entertained, Tessica!

Check out some more of the procedure (below):

[Image via Tessica Brown/Instagram]

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