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This breaks our heart. Sincerely.

We’ve had a strong gut feeling that Osama Lutfi is bad news for a while, and this just confirms it all!

In her declaration to the court in requesting a restraining order against him, Britney‘s mom, Lynne Spears not only accuses Lutfi of drugging her daughter, but she also makes many other shocking allegations.

We have spoken to Lutfi on the phone a few times, and a lot of the things she claims Osama has said sound like DIRECT QUOTES he’s told us too!

Here are some of the more damaging allegations.

Lynne: “Sam had told Britney that she was an unfit mother, a piece of trash and a whore, that she cares more about Adnan, her current boyfriend, than she cares about her kids, and that she does not deserve the kids.”

“He then told me, ‘I’m the one who spends 24/7 with your daughter. I sleep in cars outside her house so she can’t leave.’ Sam then said, ‘You people throw everyone under the bus. If you don’t listen to me, I’m going to make your name shit in the papers.’

Lynne added that Lutfi “told me that if he weren’t in the house to give Britney her medicine, she would kill herself. Then he said to me, ‘If you try to get rid of me, she’ll be dead and I’ll piss on her grave.”

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Feb 05, 2008 17:18pm PDT