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The Hulk Needs More Money

With all the money Hulk Hogan is forced to pay his money-hungry estranged wife, it’s no surprise the millionaire is having financial “difficulties”!
Linda doesn’t have to work. She just has to cry to the court that Hulk should pay her more. But that might not work much longer.
In fact, Hulk’s attorneys have asked a judge to grant him access to some of his funds that were frozen while his divorce case is currently being hammered out.
On Monday, Hulk’s attorneys filed documents with the court asking that they give their client $300,000 from his frozen assets.
According to Hogan, he had back surgery last month that will prevent him from working for a bit. Plus, he has bills adding up to over $312,000 and only has $400k in the bank.
He also had to pay $400,000 back in December for Linda’s legal fees.
We hope he’s got plenty of money frozen in the bank, cuz with all his bills plus his soon-to-be ex-wife sucking money from him, the Hulkster might have to ask for charity donations soon!
[Image via WENN.]

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Mar 11, 2009 13:20pm PDT

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