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Real World: Los Angeles Roommate Reveals He's Still A Virgin At 47 Years Old!

Real World: Los Angeles Roommate Reveals He's Still Virgin At 47 Years Old & Has No Plans To Change That!

To each his own?

On Wednesday night, Paramount Plus dropped a brand new episode of The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles, in which the cast continued to re-visit their memorable 1993 run on MTV‘s groundbreaking reality show The Real World with a new look-back series.

And while the reboot does a great job of re-examining where the cast is now, and how different their lives are from that time nearly 30 years ago, some things clearly haven’t changed at all!

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And one of those things that has remained the same is Jon Brennan‘s virginity! Still intact AF! The 47-year-old cowboy hat-wearing reality TV star opened up about it along with his decision to become a youth pastor in order to “mentor to young people” in the years since his original MTV run.

Speaking with fellow Real World stars Tami Roman (above, inset), David Edwards, and Beth Stolarczyk in a discussion on Wednesday’s episode, Jon explained his (lack of a) sex life, saying:

“I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t live a promiscuous life, I try not to give into desires of the flesh. To people who say, ‘Aren’t you like missing something?’ No, I’m surrounded by people all the time, I’m a people person, I’m pretty happy. … I follow the Lord wholeheartedly. I’m all in. I’m all in.”

OK then!

Obviously, there’s nothing wrong with that. Jon is an adult, and as long as he’s not harming anyone, he can live however he wants!

But that is also a little unique in this day and age, to say the least. And so when Tami took exception with Jon’s notable beliefs and pushed him on it a little bit, she was shocked to find out that he would “probably never” get married and change his virginity status!

Surprised by Jon’s apparent disinterest in any physical relationship, Tami said to him:

“You’re gonna leave this world and never experience no coochie? You’re just gonna go out of the world with no coochie whatsoever?”

Well, when you put it like that it sounds so appetizing… LOLz!

Clearly uncomfortable, Jon replied:

“That’s not a large priority at this stage.”

And then the cameras cut away to a confessional, where he added:

“It’s really tacky to talk about the details of your sex life on a reality show. It’s the same story 28 years later.”

No kidding! We get it! But still…

Tami explained her hang-ups with that perspective, telling Jon:

“I would like for you to get some p***y before you die. If I had my druthers, I feel it’s something everybody should experience once, at least.”

That’s another way to look at it!

Tami later thought better of her comments to Jon, apologizing for being “insensitive” to the situation and explaining to him that he’s “so much more than that piece” of his life even while she personally struggles to understand why he would go that route.

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And in his own comments after the fact, Jon reflected on some of the challenges of being in his position at his age, especially with his role of mentoring kids via his youth pastor work.

The Christian reality TV star said:

“When you say, ‘Hey you’re kinda old and you’re not married, tell me about your sex life,’ well, I don’t have one. Married people don’t like single people and they don’t like single people to remain single. I’m through that, I’m 47 now. … When I’m done here, I go back to the people that I mentor. So I gotta really ask myself, ‘Is this conversation one where the parents are gonna say, ‘You’re not gonna mentor my kids’?”


Obviously, it’s rare to have a person remain a virgin at 47 years old with no real desire to ever get married. Jon didn’t identify himself as asexual, btw, but however he chooses to live, provided it’s not hurting others, should be respected.

And while Tami had a tough time wrapping her head around something like that, she ultimately came to respect and accept it! Growth!

What about U, Perezcious readers? What do U think about Jon’s take on sex and religion? Do U think he’s doing the right thing for himself by showing no apparent desire to get married and change that?

Sound OFF with your thoughts down in the comments (below)…

[Image via Paramount Plus/YouTube]

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