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OMG Joy Behar Just Told Gypsy Rose Blanchard She Thought She Was Right To Commit Murder?!

The View Joy Behar Tells Gypsy Rose Blanchard Murder Was Right

We didn’t expect there to be such a hot take on murder, but here we are in 2024 we guess…

The View had Gypsy Rose Blanchard on Friday morning for one of her first TV interviews since her release from prison. The 32-year-old was paroled after serving eight years behind bars for planning and helping her ex-boyfriend carry out the murder of her abusive mother. It was an escape from her abuse, yes, but as she explained to viewers who were also suffering in similar situations she’s still full of remorse:

“If there is someone out there watching right now, please listen to me, heed my words that you are not alone in this situation, there are other ways out. I did it the wrong way.”

Totally reasonable, and a good message for abuse victims, right? Not to Joy Behar! The host responded:

“No, no, no, don’t say that. You had no choice, really.”

Um… What??

Don’t say that murder was the wrong way to handle things? Joy! She had her boyfriend stab her mother 17 times, then had sex with him in the next room.

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Gypsy stayed on message, responding:

“I did. I did something wrong. And I paid my dues for it.”

Joy came to her senses quickly, realizing what she’d said:

“Oh, you mean that part. Oh yeah. Never mind.”

Ana Navarro added:

“Murder is wrong, Joy.”

And the entire table had a good laugh. See the wild TV moment at about the 2:00 mark (below)!

[Image via The View/YouTube.]

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Jan 05, 2024 15:02pm PDT

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