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Meghan McCain & Joy Behar Fought AGAIN -- This Time Whoopi Broke It Up!

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And the fighting on The View continues…
Remember in that viral 2006 audio clip where Elisabeth Hasselbeck flips out after Barbara Walters tells her to chill so everyone can get their points in and speak on abortion in a more rational way?
We can only imagine what’s going on behind the scenes with today’s cast.
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On Monday, Whoopi Goldberg had to take the reins of the table in a strikingly similar way after another heated political debate.
In this case, the argument began with the news Donald Trump had forced out his Homeland Security secretary, Kirstjen Nielsen. As much as one might be tempted to celebrate the exit of a woman whose legacy will be the caging of children at the Mexican border — or “animals” as Trump calls them — we can only imagine the replacement is going to be worse. We mean, with this POTUS, it always is.
But surprisingly liberal Joy Behar is optimistic about incoming acting DHS secretary Kevin McAleenan, saying she hopes he’ll work to get at the root of the issue — stopping the crises that are driving people from their homes to our borders — rather than just locking up everyone who asks for the help of the U.S.
Meghan McCain, TV’s most pro-Trump “Never Trumper,” once again took the talking points right out of the Trump campaign’s playbook, saying:

“This is a hardline issue for people who live in border states. Many friends of mine this is the number one and only issue.”

OK, sorry, we have to pause there. We mean…
This is starting to put Meghan’s comments about climate change from a couple weeks ago into sharp focus. This is the only issue?? Are you serious??
Mass murders in schools are so frequent, toddlers are being taught active shooter drills. Millions of people are in danger of losing what little health care they have access to. Hate crimes and white supremacy are on the rise. The damn Earth is literally about to hit the point of no return that will mean worldwide ecological catastrophe in our children’s lifetimes…
And her only issue is how many refugees we let in to the country.

That is nonsense, gurl.

Of course liberals need to find a way to talk to people about immigration that isn’t dismissive — but it’s not THE ONLY ISSUE. Eesh.
Anyway, she continued:

“And if we sit here and act like there isn’t a crisis, that it’s just crazy people living in border states that think there’s a crisis, that will be a winning ticket for Trump.”

Behar quickly interjected:

“Like I just said, this guy who’s coming in wants to help those countries. That’s the way to solve the problem, keep them there happy. Or whatever, keep them solvent, give them a house, food, help them, help their children, stop the crime-“

Meghan interrupted:

“Give a Nicaraguan a house? We’ve had a bunch of liberal guests who do not want to send in aid at all.”

Joy responded to being interrupted:

“I listened to you. Let me just finish.”

To which Meghan shot back:

“Yeah. Part of your job is to listen to me.”

Well, that got un-civil really quickly.
Even the studio audience groaned at Meghan implying once again that no one is trying to find common ground with her, and sorry but that just isn’t what’s happening.
Every time someone tells Meghan they disagree with her, she acts like she’s being personally attacked. This isn’t happening with the other conservative voices on the show. It isn’t a grand liberal conspiracy. It’s Meghan not being able to be an adult in a debate.
And then of course Joy gets angry and lashes out at her — which totally feeds her victim narrative.
Thankfully, this time Whoopi was back to stop the madness. She said:

“Here’s what’s not gonna happen today, we’re not gonna do this. Everybody gets a conversation piece, everybody gets to say their piece and we don’t need to comment if we don’t like what we’re hearing. Just let folks talk.”

Finally! If The View can talk about these issues without getting combative, maybe the divided dinner tables around the country can follow their lead?
Too much to hope for?
See the heated moment, which really gets going around the 4:30 mark (below)!

[Image via The View/YouTube.]

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