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Why do people love American Idol? What is the apepal????
It’s the Cinderella story aspect that appeals to most people, right?
For example, there was Carrie Underwood – who went from farm girl to Country superstar after being crowned the champ.
Well, a number fans are up in arms because it appears that Idol is straying from its supposed roots this season.
Turns out that several of the contestants this year have already been given a shot at the big time and failed.
Idol hopeful Carly Smithson recorded for MCA, which sunk more than $2 million on her debut disc, then dropped her when it didn’t sell. Another contestant, Kristy Lee Cook, signed with Britney Spears’ production company.
What’s up with all the rejects????
Idol rules do not exclude people who have had deals in the past…you just can’t be under a CURRENT contract to compete. Sounds lame to us!
Fans argue that Idol should have been more forthcoming about the ‘professionals’ who are in the race for the title.
If people don’t like you the first go around, why would they like you the next time? And, Idol exposure doesn’t guarantee ‘success’ (i.e. Ruben Studdard, Taylor Hicks).
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Feb 18, 2008 15:24pm PDT

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