‘This Is Us’ — The Top 10 Most Emotional Moments

Fans cried foul when This Is Us didn’t win the 2018 Emmy for Outstanding Drama Series, but they’ll be cheering when it returns tonight (September 25).

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As the hit NBC show debuts Season 3, let’s take a look back at the moments that have left viewers crying for more…

#10: Baggage Claim 

The trauma The Pearsons share erupt in a group counseling session.

#9: A Toast 

The speeches at Kate’s wedding offer an exhale of the past so the future can come into focus.

#8: Kevin’s Substance Abuse Hits New Low 

The thing about hitting rock bottom is it’s hard.

#7: Kate Lets It All Out

The bottle of insecurity breaks, giving us our first glimpse at Jack’s funeral.

#6: Brotherly Love

Kevin shows up for Randall in a moment of need.

#5: Jack and Rebecca’s Vow Renewal

It’s sad because it’s so beautiful, and we know what’s coming…

#4: Jack’s Tree

The family spreads half of Jack’s ashes at his favorite tree and say good-bye.

#4: The Fire

Slow cookers hit the curb en masse after this episode.

#3: A Mother’s Choice For A Son With Two Fathers

This scene illustrates four very important moments of the series: Rebecca’s difficult choice to keep Randall’s biological father away, Jack and Randall’s meaningful relationship, William’s painful meeting with the consequences of leaving his son at a fire station, and Randall’s acceptance of his mother’s actions after learning the truth.

#2: William’s Death

The “Memphis” episode has been acclaimed by fans and critics alike as one of the best hours of television. Set in the Southern city of blues, rock and roll, and BBQ,  this very special work of art climaxed with Randall’s biological father passing away from cancer. Ron Cephas Jones, the actor who brilliantly portrays William, recently won an Emmy for his outstanding work. TEARS. ALL THE TEARS.

(Bonus: Atlanta star Brian Tyree Henry guest-starred in this episode as young William’s cousin. Here’s the original song they performed that blew everyone away, You Can Always Come Back To This, below.)

#1: Jack’s Death

While the Pearson patriarch managed to escape the flames, the amount of smoke he inhaled when he was rescuing his family and Kate’s pet dog was too much. Jack Pearson died of cardiac arrest in the hospital. The show decided not to show us the moment of death, so we think it’s fitting to instead focus on his life — as this video so perfectly does!

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Sep 25, 2018 12:03pm PDT