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TikTok Star Ignites Controversy By Pranking Blind Husband!

TikTok Star Ignites Controversy After Prank On Blind Husband Goes Viral!

A TikTok couple is the latest to face controversy after one of their prank videos has gone viral.

If you’ve ever been scrolling on the video sharing app and came across a TikTok from account @MatthewandPaul, you’ll know the married couple always like to make each other laugh — and part of what gets the job done is navigating Paul’s visual impairment.

Yes, the cutie is blind, and the couple typically posts content walking users through everyday life in the POV of someone who can’t see. But sometimes they’ll also post pranks — and one of the latest has stirred up controversy.

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In a video posted on Wednesday, Matthew, who is not visually impaired, “re-decorated” their apartment entryway with the intent of tricking Paul into believing he entered the wrong apartment when he walked through the door. And it worked!

Matthew pulled up their rug, removed a key rack on the wall, moved a big plant into the walkway, and lit a candle to throw off his husband. When Paul returned, he immediately went to hang his keys on the rack which was no longer there, leaving them to plummet to the floor. Right away, he called out Matthew’s name as he walked forward, accidentally running into the plant. Stunned, he quickly turned around and exited the apartment alongside his service dog, Maple, who looked equally as confused! But 30 seconds later — after confirming it was, in fact, the correct apartment by checking the lock with his key — he busted back in exclaiming through laughter:

“Matthew! What did you do? Matthew, where are you? Come out right now.”

Matthew revealed himself, explaining he did a little “re-decorating,” over which Paul erupted in laughter. Watch the whole thing (below):


wait did he say “again”?? ???? #blind #prank #couplesprank #disabilitytiktok #interabledcouple #retinitispigmentosa #couplegoals #funny #guidedog

♬ original sound – Matthew and Paul

But not all social media users thought it was quite as funny…

One netizen shared the clip on X (Twitter), captioning it, “this is so f**ked up???,” and users agreed in the replies:

“I don’t really find this funny at all….”

“Ehhhh, this isn’t really funny. Kind of a cruel joke.”

“He should’ve thought this one through before posting it”

“You know what was the most sinister part?? THE CANDLEEEEEE. He said ‘gotcha nose too’”

However, other users quickly pointed out that if Paul himself thought it was funny, there shouldn’t be so much worry — as clearly Matthew knew what would amuse his own hubby:

“Only on social media can you see a person literally throw their head back with laughter and still see people in the comments going “SEEMS EVIL AND CRUEL” they are a couple who like each other and enjoy making each other laugh. No hot take necessary here.”

“Unpopular opinion: Visually impaired people have a sense of humor too. These 2 are just adorable. His partner wouldn’t do something that could harm him. People find it funny when someone who was asleep is tricked to be invisible so”

“They’re like the most wholesome couple on all of TikTok”

Another user pointed out an October TikTok in which Matthew asked Paul if he “likes” all the pranks — and Paul responded:

“Please don’t ever stop pranking me.”

See (below):


Ok but he never noticed Mr Maple’s costume ???? #prank #couplesprank #blind #disabilitytiktok #interabledcouple #couplegoals

♬ original sound – Matthew and Paul

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[Images via Matthew and Paul/TikTok & YouTube]

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