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Silhouette Challenge Warning! Creeps Sharing Methods To Remove Filter & EXPOSE Women's Nude Bodies!

tiktok silhouette challenge creepy

Leave it to the internet to turn a body-positive challenge into a peeping Tom opportunity.

A trend called the #silouettechallenge has been taking off on TikTok over the past few weeks. It sees the (mostly women) participants standing in front of a camera fully clothed before standing in their doorway in silhouette with a red filter, strutting their stuff and showing off their naked bodies to a remix of Paul Anka’s Put Your Head on My Shoulder.

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The challenge was supposed to be sensual and empowering — but proving that we can’t, in fact, have good things, the creeps of the interwebs banded together to hijack the challenge with software that removes the red filter from the videos. This pervy gizmo trick reveals the women’s bodies in full, whether they’re clothed or nude — and to make matters worse, some of these creeps are actually making money (!!!) off of showing other creeps how to do it.

Even though a subreddit featuring the edited TikToks has been banned by Reddit, there are still dozens of videos on YouTube instructing aspiring peepers how to edit the clips. Some of the videos have hundreds of thousands of views, and, according to Rolling Stone, at least six of them feature ads, which means they are monetized!

Via Media Matters, the outlet claims users have been searching for the term so frequently that “how to remove red light in silhouette challenge” shows up in the auto-complete alongside phrases like “how to paint house exterior” and “how to remove squirrels in your attic.” WTF!?

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Fortunately, creators have taken to the platform to warn users against participating in the challenge, or encourage them to keep in mind what they’re wearing if they decide to join in. In a video that has over 778,000 views, one TikTok user warned:

“Be cognizant of what you’re wearing before editing the final product because anyone can take those images and easily revert them back to the original.”

Although the tutorial videos appear to violate YouTube’s community guidelines against sexual content — specifically, content that depicts “non-consensual sex acts or unwanted sexualization” — the videos are still up. So until the platform steps up and scrubs these tutorials, as they should, be careful with what you post!

What do U think about this disgusting turn of events, Perezcious readers? Sound off in the comments (below).

[Image via Beyoncé/YouTube]

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Feb 03, 2021 14:29pm PDT

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