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Woman Divides TikTok By Revealing She Talked Her BF Into Getting A Tattoo KNOWING She Was About To Dump Him!

Woman shows tattoo design on TikToker

TikTok doesn’t know how to feel about this revenge tattoo! Or should we say, tattoo revenge?

A user with the handle @madddog has divided the social platform by revealing that she chose violence after learning her boyfriend wasn’t being totally faithful to her.

Her method of retaliation? Tricking her boyfriend into getting a tattoo, knowing she’d dump him afterward!

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In the clip, which has racked up over 36,000 views, the young woman is seen driving to a tattoo parlor with her oblivious soon-to-be ex, who gets artwork she designed permanently inked onto his hand. A caption of the recording read:

“Went through my boyfriend’s phone, didn’t like what I saw. So I booked him an appointment to get my artwork tattooed. He picked the placement 🙂 I’m going to break up with him now.”

Well… that’s a choice!

The move was an inspired one for many users, with some writing comments like:

“This is chaotically evil and I love it”

“Queen behavior”

But not everyone felt the same way. Others wrote:

“Nah, what did he do? Very few things warrant something like this.”

“super weird”

“Y’all will do anything except just leave.”

Others, meanwhile, were more focused on the quality of the tat design, with some describing the artwork as “bad” as others said the design actually looked good — meaning the TikToker’s plan might have backfired!

As one user put it:

“I don’t know if this is really revenge, way too cool of a tattoo to be mad about”

LOLz, fair point!

Another commenter took issue with the fact the user was checking her bf’s phone in the first place, writing:

“Not defending him, but how about we stop going through people’s phones without consent?”

This inspired the original poster to make a second video claiming that she was the one who bought her boyfriend that phone. She added in the video’s description:

“I gave myself consent.”

Mmm… not sure that’s how it works, gurl, but go off.

Several users later asked the scorned TikToker for an update on their relationship, which led to her making a third video. In this one, she explained that she and her ex had indeed split, adding that she had moved 15 hours away from home for him — before claiming he slept with the mom he helped find a babysitting job for. Whoa.

Despite being broken up, the pair apparently still live together and work together — which she admits is “super awkward.” So we guess he wasn’t that mad about the tat after all?

Do YOU condone this kind of retaliation, Perezcious readers? Check out the clip (below) and share your thoughts in the comments:


honestly feel bad about the hand part

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Mar 17, 2022 12:48pm PDT

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