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TikToker Alix Earle Reveals Why She Really Ended ‘Toxic’ Relationship With Baseball Player Tyler Wade!

TikToker Alix Earle Finally Reveals Why She Ended ‘Toxic’ Relationship With Baseball Player Tyler Wade!

Alix Earle is spilling the tea on her love life!

Before she became involved with “NFL Man,” AKA Miami Dolphins wide receiver Braxton Berrios, the 23-year-old social media influencer had been involved with MLB player, or “Baseball Boy,” Tyler Wade. She went public with the 29-year-old athlete in September 2022. However, their romance was short-lived. Alix broke up with Tyler three months later.

Around the time of their breakup, her career on TikTok took off as she gained followers for being open about her struggles with acne, anxiety, and her luxurious life in Miami during her “Get Ready With Me” videos. Naturally, fans became very curious about why Baseball Boy suddenly disappeared from her life! At the time, Alix hopped on a livestream to talk about what happened and gave an eyebrow-raising answer. A very influencer-like reason, some would say! The college student claimed she ended things with Tyler after he refused to post her on his Instagram. Yes, you read that right!

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Alix quickly faced backlash for her comments, and now she’s clearing the air, sharing the real story behind their breakup for the first time! On the Hot Mess with Alix Earle podcast Thursday, Alix recalled the drama started at the end of 2022 when she confirmed her breakup with Tyler on TikTok Live. Soon afterward, she “felt all the blood drain from [her] face” and began to see screen recordings of her conversation:

“I just start s**t-talking the relationship. Basically, I’m like ‘Yeah, he wouldn’t post me. He turned evil. It was this whole mess.’ And the moment I got off that livestream, my life had flashed before my eyes, because all I saw was screen recording after screen recording of me on this livestream talking s**t about Baseball Boy. … Everyone was saying, ‘Alix Earle breaks up with her boyfriend because he would not post her on Instagram,’ and I was so embarrassed because that wasn’t even the reason we broke up.”

Well, it wasn’t the main reason at least. Alix claimed Tyler had been “nice” at the beginning of their relationship. However, things changed and “went downhill super, super fast” when she quickly gained a large following on social media. She said the athlete became very “toxic” and unsupportive of her influencer career:

“He was really nice at first. And then we started dating, and at the same time I started to gain a following on social media, and for some reason, that just sent him spiraling. That was just not OK for him. He would literally be so toxic. Everything I did he s**t on. He did not support me at all, especially when it came to social media stuff.”

It’s a big ick and red flag if he “s**t on” her success! Alix did note that his lack of posting her on social media factored into the break up — only because he lied to her about the reason for it:

“We had only been dating for three months, I would not expect anyone to post me on their Instagram at that point. But the problem was that he would lie straight to my face about this reasoning, and that’s what bothered me.”

After everything piled up, she decided they should go their separate ways. When Alix faced backlash for her first explanation for the breakup, she decided not to clarify and share the full story. At the time she was still getting used to her newfound fame and didn’t know how to handle the controversy. So instead of addressing the situation head-on, she recalled she “went into hiding,” began “mentally spiraling,” and saw her doctor about her anxiety. Although Alix regretted how she went about the split back then, after a year of reflection, she no longer feels that way – which is why she’s explaining what happened now:

“Now as I’ve taken a year off from talking about this subject, I’ve realized that there are so many bad, horrible things that have gone down in that relationship that I’m like, ‘You know what, air it out, Alix.’”

And now despite how they started off controversially, she has found a new man who fully supports her social media career – Braxton. Alix added:

“The fact that NFL Man now supports me and lets me edit a video on my phone without screaming at me is pretty nice to see.”

What the f**k?! Tyler would scream at her for just trying to do things for her job??? That is not a good look for him if this is true! Watch the podcast (below):


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[Image via Hot Mess with Alix Earle/YouTube, Tyler Wade/Instagram]

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