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Man Helped Tinder Match Through Birth After She Unexpectedly Went Into Labor On Their Fourth Date!

Man Helped Tinder Match When She Gave Birth On Their Fourth Date: ‘We’re Still Together Now’

A woman gave birth with her Tinder date right by her side at the hospital — even though she’d only gone out with him three times before! Crazy!

In a TikTok video that has received more than 1.3 million views, Alyssa Hodges from Brisbane, Australia, revealed that she had only matched with her date Max Silvy on the dating app eight weeks before welcoming her son Ollie. The new momma said in the video posted last week:

“So the fourth date was him coming to my labor and delivery and birth. Like, what?”

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Alyssa was supposed to pick up Max from the airport following a work trip, but when she suddenly felt like her water was about to break, she ended up driving to the hospital instead. But instead of canceling their date, what does Max do? After finding another ride home, he unpacked and told her he would come to see her at the hospital. Alyssa, who was only 19 years old when her baby boy was born, explained:

“I was a little bit nervous because I was by myself, and I was also worried that — okay, yes I want him as a support person, but what if we end up breaking up in a week’s time? We’ve only had a couple of dates. We didn’t know each other very well. At this stage, his parents didn’t know about me or anything like that.”

She then added:

“But long story short, he ended up coming and basically being my biggest support.”

However, doctors sent her home for a couple of days when they determined that her baby was not actually ready to be born at the time. But you know what? Max stayed by her side the whole time until she finally gave birth! He said in his own video on Alyssa’s account Wednesday:

“So for that whole week, I stayed with her at her place [and] drove her to the hospital when she needed.”

Following the birth, Max hung out with Alyssa for several days in the hospital while Ollie remained in the neonatal intensive care unit. Staff members even believed the 25-year-old was the father — which he did not dispute because it allowed him to stay in the maternity unit. The TikToker shared:

“He didn’t protest when they did call him Dad. He just went along with it.”

But that’s not all…

When Alyssa and her newborn were later released from the hospital, Max also took a week off from work to help support her as she took care of Ollie. And the rest as they say was history! The 20-year-old revealed:

“And we’re still together now, thankfully!”

Awww! Hear from Alyssa herself (below)!


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In an interview with Australian outlet 7News, Alyssa shared that it did not feel strange for the pair that Max was present for her delivery due to their strong connection:

“We both knew that we liked each other and had strong feelings for each other. But the birth was the peaking point of our relationship, it bonded us. Looking back, I know it was the best decision ever. I’m so glad he was there.”

When she joined Tinder, she told the outlet that she was a little over 6 months pregnant and was upfront about that fact in her bio:

“I didn’t want to lead anyone on, so I was being open and honest. I wanted them to know what they were getting into right off the bat.”

Although a disclaimer like that would normally make Max very hesitant to reach out, he expressed that he immediately fancied Alyssa anyway:

“There was something that caught my eye about Alyssa. Normally I wouldn’t swipe right on a pregnant girl, but there was just something about her.”

As for how her family reacted to their relationship, Alyssa admitted that they were nervous about it in the beginning but eventually understood:

“My family were taken aback by our relationship. When I told my mum that Max was with me at the hospital, she was very hesitant about it. She was saying, ‘What if you guys break up?’ She didn’t understand why anybody would want to be with someone who was pregnant and take such a big responsibility on.”

Despite her mom asking her “to think carefully” about the situation, Alyssa also admitted “she was saying Max was a lovely guy and she hoped it’d work out for us.” Now Alyssa and Max are raising Ollie together! According to a TikTok posted on Tuesday, the pair are even “in the process of moving in” together. The new parent also added to 7News:

“We only lived 20 minutes apart so we’d take turns being at each other’s houses.”

And at the end of the day, Alyssa said their bond has only grown stronger, all thanks to their romance’s unique start:

“I think [being there for the birth] helped Max’s relationship with Ollie too, as he was able to see him come into the world. He already plays such an important role in Ollie’s life, but it really helps that he was there.”

This certainly was a labor of love, huh! Reactions to this whirlwind love story, Perezcious readers? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via Alyssa Hodges/TikTok]

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