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Missing Titanic Sub: Everything We Know

Titanic Tourist Sub VANISHES -- Passengers Have Only Hours Of Oxygen

The clock is ticking as the world prays for a miraculous rescue of the missing OceanGate submersible carrying with it the souls of five Titanic enthusiasts.

On Sunday, news of the tourist sub’s disappearance became known, and since then, people all around the globe have been fixated on what could have happened. What could still happen.

With less than 24 hours of oxygen to go, search and rescue teams are doing everything they can to locate Titan — and hopefully, bring it back in time to save all its passengers.

Here’s everything we know so far (below):

Titanic Tourist Sub VANISHES — Passengers Have Only Hours Of Oxygen Left!


Still No Sign Of Missing Titanic Tourist Sub — Experts Say It May Have Imploded!


Sonar Detects Eerie ‘Banging Sounds’ From Ocean Depths During Search For Missing Titanic Tourist Sub


Stepson Of Missing Titanic Tourist Sub Billionaire Boasts About Seeing Blink-182 Amid Search — And Gets Destroyed By Cardi B & Twitter!


Missing Titanic Tourist Sub Billionaire’s Last Text Revealed — As More Chilling Words Come To Light


Friend Of Billionaire Lost In Titanic Sub Canceled His Seat Over Safety Concerns!


Stepson Of Missing Billionaire On Titanic Sub Claps Back At Cardi B After She Roasted Him For Attending Blink-182 Concert!


Titanic Submarine: OceanGate Employee WARNED Disaster Could Happen — And They Were Fired?!


Titanic Sub Has Less Than 24 Hours Left Of Breathable Air Amid ‘Very Complex Search’


Who Are The 5 Souls Aboard The Missing Titanic Sub? All We Know So Far


Missing Titanic Submarine Billionaire’s Stepson Deletes Controversial Twitter Account — But Continues To BASH Cardi B & Others On Instagram! 


US Coast Guard Says ‘Debris Field’ Has Been Found In Search Area Near Titanic — The Latest On OceanGate Sub Here 


Wife Of OceanGate CEO Is Descendant Of Infamous Couple Who Went Down With The Titanic! 


[Image via CBS Boston/Paramount Pictures/YouTube.]

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Jun 21, 2023 18:13pm PDT