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Jenna Dewan Slams Channing Tatum For ‘Attempting To Blur The Lines’ Of How Much She’s Owed Of Magic Mike Money! 

Jenna Dewan Slams Channing Tatum For ‘Attempting To Blur The Lines’ Of How Much She’s Owed Of Magic Mike Money

Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum’s nasty battle over the Magic Mike money continues!

Although the pair broke up in 2018, they still haven’t been able to finalize their divorce six years later. Why? They have been fighting over the finances of the Magic Mike franchise. Jenna demanded the money she says she’s owed as she not only introduced Channing to the choreographer he used for all three movies, but he used “marital funds” to acquire the intellectual property. However, the actor argued he worked to expand the franchise into a live show and reality series.

And there’s more. Jenna wants to hash out this matter in separate trials. But Channing? He’s not on board with a separate trial at all. He just asks for the legal issue to be done as soon as possible and feels his ex-wife is simply doing whatever she can to “delay” and “prolong” the process.

There are a lot of back-and-forth filings between the former couple, with Jenna even accusing Channing of “bullying and gaslighting” her throughout this ordeal. (So much for not hating each other, huh?) And it’s not over yet! Jenna’s attorneys once again pushed for a separate trial to figure out how much money she’s entitled to in the divorce when it comes to Magic Mike in a court filing on Wednesday. And she wants this done BEFORE they divide the rest of their assets in the larger divorce proceedings!

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According to People, her legal team continued to argue she deserves half the profits from the franchise as the “story idea [i.e., Magic Mike] which is an intellectual property asset that was entirely created during the marriage.” And Channing’s done some shady moves with those funds in Jenna’s eyes too. She reiterated the 21 Jump Street star allegedly “transferred a portion” of their “community” profits from Magic Mike into another third-party entity several months after their separation “without Jenna’s knowledge or consent.” Channing already denied these allegations. His team insisted in a previous filing that The Lost City alum “never denied her share of any community assets or income” and the claims he “‘colluded with third parties’ are completely false.”

Jenna clearly doesn’t see it that way! Her team alleged Channing “is attempting to blur the lines between them in an effort to disguise the passive” second entity “as ‘production companies’ that generate value through his post-separation efforts to obtain an unequal split of a community property asset between the parties.” Oof. She wants her money and she wants it ASAP, Channing!

Ultimately, Jenna feels they need a separate “equitable” trial as what’s hers in the Magic Mike profits needs to be “tried, tackled and ruled upon before the remaining issues come to trial to prevent her from being painted into a corner….” The former backup dancer isn’t going down without a fight — whether Channing likes it or not!

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