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T.J. Holmes Joked About Giving Wife 'Plenty Of Reasons' To Leave In Resurfaced Anniversary Post Following Amy Robach Romance Reveal!

T.J. Holmes Gushy Anniversary Post To Wife Goes Viral Following Amy Robach Romance Reveal


Just hours after T.J. Holmessecret affair with his Good Morning America co-star Amy Robach was exposed, fans took a deep dive into his now-deleted social media channels and found an anniversary post to his wife Marilee Fiebig that DID NOT age well!

The post, which resurfaced on Wednesday, was originally shared back in March 2020 as the daytime TV host took part in the “10-year challenge” on Facebook, where users would post two photos — one from a decade ago and one current photo. Seeing as he’s been married to his wife since 2010, it was only natural he reflected on his marriage in the gushy caption… but, um, it’s definitely shedding an interesting light on the state of his affairs now!

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Alongside one snapshot of his wife, an attorney, in a wedding dress and a more current portrait, T.J. penned:

“This particular #decadechallenge is a little late, but… 10 years ago, Marilee Fiebig married me. And despite my best efforts, she remained married to me the past 10 years. That’s not hyperbole. I’m not being dramatic. I gave her plenty of reasons, excuses, and opportunities to walk her fine ass out the doooooor. But instead, with her built-in black woman superpower, she showed a grace and patience that’s incomprehensible.”

Um, kinda sounds like he may have taken her loyalty for granted! Everyone’s patience runs out eventually! And it sounds like Marilee is finally through with him  — and probably for good reason! As we’ve been following, the married couple, who share a nearly 10-year-old daughter Sabine, reportedly split in August, before T.J. started going more public with Amy. While the timeline is still unclear, some sources claim the co-anchors been secretly dating since last spring!

But here’s where the post gets really WILD! The journalist opened up about how he didn’t think he stood a chance at staying married for another 10 years — if not weeks! While he was probably joking, it’s just all too real now! Take a look:

“Asking her for another 10 years would be asking too much. Another 10 months? That may even be a stretch. If she gave me another 10 weeks, I should consider myself lucky. If she puts up with me another 10 days, I’d be grateful. But if she would even spare another 10 minutes of her time for me today, I should consider myself blessed. This is MARILEE FIEBIG HOLMES, y’all. And I, T.J. Holmes, do solemnly sear … that I … was HER #decadechallenge.”

Oof. Being someone’s “challenge” is NOT something he should be proud of!! Ch-ch-check out the full post (below)!



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We’re not the only one who saw some problems with the post. Fans took to Twitter in droves to react to the anniversary message, writing:

“The most unromantic speech ever. Men will humiliate you unprovoked omg”

“’And despite my best efforts, she remained married to me the past 10 years’ Oh he been wanted out that marriage”

“‘Built-in Black woman superpower’ ….like I’m shaking rn omg”

“Disturbing on so many levels.”

“What kind of anniversary message is that ffs

“Practically screams ‘I’ve cheated MULTIPLE times.’”

Another person called out the timing of the post, which was shared on March 1, 2020, just days before the coronavirus lockdown, reflecting:

“Imagine seeing this post and then 13 days later being stuck in the house with him for MONTHS. Bring. Back. Shame!!!”

LOLz! And then a little over a year of quarantining, the 45-year-old went out and started hooking up with his co-worker! Ouch.

Other resurfaced interviews from the former BET correspondent are also coming to light, such as an interview in 2012 when he said the secret to his marriage was to “do the right thing, treat each other well, and respect each other.” Sounds like he forgot to take his own advice!

At this time, none of the individuals involved in this scandal have opened up about the reports. Instead, they’ve all disappeared from social media — which doesn’t paint the best picture!

Hours after Amy and T.J.’s secret romance made waves, they both deactivated their Instagram accounts. For her part, Robach stopped wearing her wedding ring and hasn’t posted any photos with her husband, Andrew Shue, since October. Meanwhile, Andrew’s page has been fairly inactive since last year, when he appeared on GMA to promote the children’s book he co-wrote with Amy, Better Together, and Marilee’s page is set to private.

Perhaps they’re trying to let the storm blow over… Or maybe they’ve shut the accounts down so no one can find more posts like this?! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Did you think that anniversary post was romantic or unusual?! Sound OFF (below)!

[Image via Good Morning America/YouTube & T.J. Holmes/Facebook]

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