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Tom Brady Going Through ANOTHER Split -- This Time With TB12 Business Partner Amid Disturbing Allegations

Tom Brady TB12 Partner Alex Guerrero Split Accusations

Seems Tom Brady is going through another big breakup — this time in the business world.

The NFL legend and business partner Alex Guerrero, who co-founded TB12, Inc. together, have apparently decided to go their separate ways. And Tom’s way? It’s the heck away from TB12 altogether! Sports reporter Dale Arnold was the first to report the news on Tuesday, tweeting:

“Word I’m hearing is that Tom Brady and Alex Guerrero are no longer in business together. TB12 seems to be closing all facilities and there may be a new business model for Brady.”

After that sources confirmed the split to, saying Tom had chosen to walk away from TB12 altogether, quietly selling off his shares nearly a year ago. Per one insider Tom wasn’t making any money from the alternative sports medicine industry:

They said “TB12 was losing tons of money,” and Tom decided to cut his losses. The outlet also confirmed the TB12 store in Foxboro, Massachusetts is closing its doors on October 20. But it’s not all over yet…

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In September Guerrero announced a new venture called TBRx, which we naturally assumed was an offshoot of TB12. We mean, it still bears Tom Brady’s initials, after all. Tom even threw in a quote on Guerrero’s press release, saying:

“I have personally witnessed the transformative power of Alex’s Total Body Recovery approach throughout my career. It has been instrumental in keeping me at my peak performance level year after year.”

It seems that might have been more in the realm of a favor for an old friend than a promotion of his own business though. WEEI‘s source did say the pair “very much” still get along — Mommy and Daddy just can’t be in business anymore. Not that anyone would have known without this reporting…

We mean, Tom never said he wasn’t involved in the new TB-whatever. He didn’t lie and say he was… but the implication is there. Were Brady and Guerrero trying to pull a fast one? Because without Tom’s name and GOAT status as part of the brand, it’s just another sports medicine company, sans the actual medicine?

Innerestingly this all comes after a shocking report from the Daily Beast that the TB12 Foundation — Tom’s charity — had allegedly given at least $1.6 million to TB12, Inc. Money that was meant to be for “at-risk athletes” in need was actually going, per tax documents obtained by the outlet, to help keep the TB12 business afloat. That jibes with the reporting that the company was losing money.

Was Tom really self-dealing? Funneling charity money to his business?? That’s self-dealing, and it’s essentially stealing from charity if so. Disgusting.

We didn’t hear much about the accusations afterward. But it’s starting to look like that bombshell report was not without consequence. See, that came out in November 2022. Remember when Tom quietly jumped ship from TB12, per the new reporting? Almost a year ago? Falls perfectly in line, don’t it?? It’s almost like their little scheme to keep TB12 up and running was exposed, and Tom chose to get the hell out of Dodge while he still could!

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers??

[Image via MEGA/WENN/Alex Guerrero/Instagram.]

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