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Tom Sandoval & Tom Schwartz Have A PSA For All The Dudes Out There Thinking About Cheating!

Tom Sandoval Schwartz Cheating PSA

Are Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz really the guys to talk about cheating? Well, in a way the Vanderpump Rules stars have the right experience for the job…

Sandy has of course become synonymous with cheating thanks to Le Scandoval. It was revealed this March he’d carried on a seven-month affair behind longtime girlfriend Ariana Madix‘s back — with her co-star and “friend” Rachel Leviss. And the extent of Schwartz’s cheating on Katie Maloney hasn’t been fully revealed. We do know he “strayed a few times.” And it ended badly for both!

So while we wouldn’t trust these guys with our sisters, they may actually be the right choice to talk to guys who might cheat. Sort of a Scared Straight thing.

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On this week’s episode of Sandoval’s podcast Everybody Loves Tom, the pair decided to “give a PSA” to all their listeners, with Schwartz starting off:

“If you’re unhappy in your relationship, if you feel lost or have experienced feelings for a coworker and it’s starting to escalate, don’t do it. Don’t do it. Just sit down and have that very uncomfortable conversation with your partner. Go to therapy, or just say it’s over. Don’t have a f**king affair.”

We mean… yes! Exactly right! Sad he had to go through with affairs to learn that, but at least he’s here now, on the other side of it, sending the right message!

Sandoval got really personal, expressing:

“One thing that really kept me hanging on was the insecurity I had in myself. I felt like. ‘Oh, my gosh, I can’t lose this other person because I’ll never get this.’ I had such an insecurity with myself that I felt if I let this go, it will never happen again.”

But even if you don’t think you’ll find the kind of stability or contentment you already have, you’re better off breaking up and taking that risk, Sandy explained — because “banking on that is a much safer bet than staying and doing and living in that.” Because living that double life will destroy the relationship AND you with it. He explained:

“You become an addict. You cling on to that fling that you had. That euphoria and that feeling you have when you’re with that person… You start to hide from the reality of the rest of your life. And you just become lost in that. Dude, I look back on that now and I’m like, ‘Holy s**t.’ And Schwartz and other people around me, they saw me and I was f**king fixated and barely present.”

At least he’s holding himself accountable now for his behavior… right?

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Are the Toms doing a good job convincing folks not to cheat??

[Image via Tom Sandoval/Instagram/MEGA/WENN.]

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