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Travel Blogger Kaitlyn McCaffery In A Coma After Terrible Scooter Crash In Bali

Travel Blogger Kaitlyn McCaffery In A Coma After Terrible Scooter Crash In Bali

A woman’s Bali adventure just took a devastating turn…

Travel blogger Kaitlyn McCaffery is fighting for her life following a motor-scooter accident. According to a GoFundMe campaign, the 27-year-old influencer was found unconscious and bleeding on a road after her scooter crashed on the way back to her apartment on July 31. Her relatives claimed she has since been in a coma for nearly two weeks, writing on the fundraiser page:

“Two young men found her on a remote road, alone, unconscious, broken and bleeding. Without their help, she surely would have died. Kaitlyn is currently in a coma at a hospital in Denpasar, Bali. She has suffered a traumatic brain injury along with multiple other serious injuries.”

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Oh no!!

Now, the McCaffery family hopes to evacuate Kaitlyn to a trauma hospital in California. Unfortunately, that move comes with a hefty price tag of $250,000 that they claimed her insurance refused to cover:

“Although Kaitlyn was smart to buy international medical insurance, the insurance company has refused to pay for the cost to evacuate her to California. The costs to evacuate her using an experienced international medevac company, such as Air Med or International SOS, are extremely daunting.”

Thankfully, the crowdfunding venture has now raised over $290,700 for the medevac cost. However, there is still something else in the way of reconnecting the loved ones…

Per an August 10 update, the Indonesian government had initially denied repeated requests made by the McCaffery family to fly over to the island, but they were later granted emergency visas. But the mandatory 8-day quarantine for arriving visitors wasn’t waived — which ultimately poses an “impossible decision” of whether her momma Janine should just wait for Kaitlyn’s condition to improve or not:

“Does the family get to Bali as soon as possible and wait out a mandatory 8-day quarantine or do they wait for the medical evacuation to take place at the end of the week if all goes according to plan? The family risks getting to Bali and having Kaitlyn evacuated prior to their 8-day quarantine ending, meaning that the family will be trapped in Bali for multiple days while Kaitlyn is en route home.”

It is unclear if a decision has been made at this time. Here’s hoping the group reunites soon, though — with Janine’s daughter awake and on the mend.

In case you didn’t know, Kaitlyn has been documenting her journey around the island for the last few months. Just a day before the accident, the social media personality expressed how happy she was with her current adventure abroad, sharing:

“Two months in Bali! Loving where I live, the people I have met so far, and the warm, warm air. So happy to call this place home.”

Oof, what an awful situation to have to go through. We cannot imagine the panic her mother must going through being thousands of miles away while Kaitlyn is in the hospital of a foreign country. Sending all of the support to the family and Kaitlyn at this time!

[Image via GoFundMe]

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