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Travis Kelce Was Forced To Stop Having Mail Delivered To His House! Here’s Why!

Travis Kelce Was Forced To Stop Having Mail Delivered To His House! Here’s Why!

Travis Kelce isn’t receiving your fan mail — and he doesn’t want it, either!

On Wednesday’s installment of the New Heights podcast, Trav’s co-host and big brother Jason gushed about hiring a cleaning service to come help spruce up his home. Specifically, the service targeted and organized his basement. Travis agreed that’s “the best” thing to do, but did point out a downside as a celeb:

“The one thing you don’t realize when somebody posts your house online, [is] that everybody now has your address and people just send stuff to your house.”

And because of that, he revealed:

“So I literally stopped getting mail to my house.”

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Well, he IS one of the hottest players on the Kansas City Chiefs and in the whole NFL at large… And he isss dating one of the most famous women in the world in Taylor Swift, too! So there’s definitely no shortage of fans there!! But he seriously did have to stop receiving mail at his home because of it! He explained:

“I had to stop — I had to, like, literally tell the post office and everybody to, like, stop bringing stuff to my house.”

Damn!! We’re picturing THAT scene from Harry Potter:


Jason pointed out that some of the stuff that comes can be “pretty cool,” but his little brother doesn’t even allow the chance for him to see it at all. He dished:

“Anything sent to my house, send right back to the sender. So anybody that’s just sending random s**t to my house, it’s not getting to me.”

He’s serious about this! Watch the full episode (below):

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[Image via New Heights/YouTube]

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