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Travis Kelce LOSES IT Hearing Details Of Taylor Swift's ‘Punk’d’ Episode!

Travis Kelce LOSES IT Hearing Details Of Taylor Swift's ‘Punk’d’ Episode!

Travis Kelce is a BIG fan of pranks, it seems! Even on his beloved!

On a new episode of Trav and his big bro Jason Kelce‘s podcast New Heights, the pair were joined by comedian Andrew Santino. Because Santino was a writer and performer on MTV‘s Punk’d, a fan asked if he’d ever told Trav the story of the time Justin Bieber guest hosted the show to pull an INSANE prank on Taylor Swift!

In case you don’t remember the episode, it features the Love Yourself singer inviting Tay Tay over to a house in Malibu to set off some fireworks he’d gotten from Japan. The prank was to have the fireworks go off on accident when Taylor *accidentally* pressed the button, and shoot a yacht just off the coast. The boat — which turned out to be the setting of a maritime wedding — caught fire, and the fake priest, bride, and groom (played by Andrew) had to swim to shore. There they blamed Taylor for the whole ordeal!

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While recounting the story to Trav on Wednesday’s episode, the comedian said that was one of the better Punk’d stunts — and Taylor was one of the celebs he was convinced was taken in by the prank completely:

“You can ask her the truth, but she bought it. I know she bought it because it was chaotic. I mean, the boat was on fire.”

He said the musician almost didn’t even fall for the prank, mainly because she wasn’t sure if she wanted to dabble with The Biebs’ potentially dangerous fireworks — understandably so! But Andrew was one step ahead of her:

“Taylor, obviously to her credit, who is always on point, was like, ‘I don’t know if I want to do that.’ I wrote this bit … and I said if she doesn’t want to [set off the fireworks], we have to make it so it’s like a button or a thing, where it’s like an accidental, easy, ‘Did you press this?’ or whatever.”

Tay ended up pressing the button after all, though, which caused the explosion and the ensuing chaos, all according to plan! Andrew went on to explain how the Fortnight singer was so panicked in the moment, but he and his costar Anne Gregory, who played the bride, doubled down:

“We were like, ‘You ruined our wedding, Taylor Swift!’ And my wife, Anne Gregory, was like, ‘Maybe it’s a sign. Maybe this is a sign I shouldn’t marry him.’ And Taylor was like, ‘No, I don’t think that’s right. I don’t know if that’s right.’ It was so good.”

Aw! Poor Tay! After being told it was just a prank, she laughed but admitted she was “traumatized and terrified” from the whole ordeal. She even said she’d never try to prank Justin back because he’d be “too smart” for her.

Ch-ch-check out the whole original prank (below):


Trav had seen the episode back when it originally aired. But even just hearing his pal retell the story, he absolutely LOST IT all over again! In fact, he seemed to think it was even funnier now that he knows Taylor! He also said he would definitely have to “ask Tay” about it later. So thanks for bringing that painful memory back up, Andrew! LOLz!

See the full Punk’d convo around the 52:16 mark (below):

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