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Trevor Moore's Real Cause Of Death Revealed

Trevor Moore Cause Of Death Accident

It’s always hard to lose someone, but to something so shocking and unexpected…

We heard the sad news last month that comedian Trevor Moore had passed away at just 41 years old. All we knew at the time was the founder of the Whitest Kids U Know sketch comedy group was involved in some kind of accident, but it was unclear what kind.

Now we’ve learned what happened, and we still can’t believe it’s real.

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According to law enforcement sources speaking to TMZ, Trevor was found in his backyard in the early morning hours of Saturday, August 7. He had apparently fallen from an upstairs balcony and landed badly, suffering fatal head trauma. The police and fire department responded to the medical emergency call around 2:30 a.m. However, when paramedics arrived, it was already too late. He was pronounced dead on the scene.

Authorities told TMZ that while they can’t know for sure whether Trevor fell or jumped, though they made clear there was no reason to believe this was suicide, no note or any other evidence. They did make note of multiple empty bottle of alcohol; they’re still trying to determine whether that was a factor in the accident. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner-Coroner is waiting on a toxicology report to shed more light on that aspect of the tragic incident.

Fans of Trevor will know he had a supremely irreverent sense of humor, even about his own death. Almost exactly one month before, the Trevor Moore Show host tweeted:

When I die I want the obituary to refer to me as “local sexpot”.

Several outlets even honored the silly request, which is frankly kind of amazing.

After a couple weeks of mourning, his WKUK pals also joined in on the fun, laughing again as they pranked their audience during a livestream for charity by revealing a very different, very NSFW cause of death.

We’d like to think Trevor would have enjoyed people not taking his death too seriously. At the same time, everyone was clearly devastated beyond words. In their official statement, collaborators Zach Cregger and Sam Brown wrote on the day:

“Early this morning, we learned that we lost our brother, our collaborator and the driving force behind WKUK. He was our best friend, and we speak for all of us in saying that the loss of Trevor is unimaginable. We are heartbroken and our grief pales in comparison to the loss felt by his wife and son. On behalf of WKUK, we ask for privacy during our time of profound grief, and strength for his family who are dealing with the impossible thought of living life without him. Our hope is that friends, fellow artists, and fans that loved him will not focus on his death, but will remember the countless moments of laughter he gave them.”

We hope that’s exactly what happens. And we hope getting the mystery of his passing out of the way will be a big step forward for a lot of people.

[Image via The Whitest Kids U Know/YouTube.]

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