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Trey Songz Responds To Claims He Held Women Hostage In Hotel Room -- & One Accuser Fires Back With Receipts!

Trey Songz responds to hostage allegations

Trey Songz doesn’t want you to believe the rumors about him!

The R&B artist took to Twitter to break his silence on the allegations a woman named Aliza (above, insert, right) made about him in an interview on Adam22’s No Jumper podcast alongside her friend, Instagram sensation Celina Powell (above, insert, left). During the chat, Aliza alleged that the singer once urinated on her without her consent, took her phone away from her, and held her hostage in his hotel room until she didn’t know what day or time it was.

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You can watch her tell the story without sparing any of the sexual details (below):


Shortly after the interview made the rounds on social media, the Bottom’s Up hitmaker started trending on Twitter — which prompted Trey to issue a response denying the woman’s claims. He wrote:

“I usually stay quiet on this but I feel that in many ways the movement to fight for the women who actually have suffered harassment and abuse on various levels, has been hijacked by those who find it convenient for themselves to come up as they seek to destroy someone’s life. I brush it off every time but once you have an allegation no matter it’s true weight in validation, it’s now happened once and to some will be believable from that moment forward. None of that happened.”

In an attempt to prove his point, the 35-year-old shared a series of alleged conversations he had with Aliza in which she begged him to unblock her on social media.

See the receipts for yourself (below):

Trey later shared more receipts in an attempt to dispel a separate allegation from a Jane Doe who once claimed he assaulted her in Miami. Alongside screenshots from an alleged conversation with a woman who claimed the Jane Doe was “lying,” the singer wrote:

“Y’all remember Jane Doe claimed I sexually assaulted her in Miami? She wants me to pay for her therapy and the rest of her school cause of ‘all the trauma she’s been through.’ Pls read.”

The star concluded his messages by saying he was going to “push forward” amid the controversy, tweeting:

“You will choose 2believe what you want. I’ve been focusing my energy and time on good things and I know the Devil wants my soul more now than ever. Ima keep my head high and push forward. If you holdin me down in these moments I preciate that.”

But Celina wasn’t happy with his response. The model tweeted out her own experience with the singer after staying silent for months, alleging that Songz also once held her and a “younger girl” hostage then later intimidated her into dropping charges against him.

She wrote in a string of tweets:

“Wow. Woke up to this trending.. for two years now i tried to block this off but f**k it .. let’s talk. April 6th, @TreySongz you forced me to do something’s & threw my phone off the balcony, refused to let me & another younger girl go. I’m used to being treated like s**t. So I didn’t know how to handle it but call the police. U & I live in the same building. YOU said you’d make it uncomfortable for me to live peacefully. I dropped the charges. Fast toward now, I went to therapy. I healed. U were my fav singer tbh. So, with being f**king SCARED of knowing what you’re capable of doing & living 3 Floors down, plus just being beaten by Tory Lanez, I’m like stuck. I did think you’re a changed man since your son & I still am proud.”

Celina went on to say:

“I don’t see how apologizing to you for taking this to social media is a bad thing… Just because I’m saying sorry to you , doesn’t mean what happened isn’t correct especially when I had a rape kit done . There’s MULTIPLE cases against u. Wanna address that? Or just my friend?”

She later shared police reports of the situation with Trey to prove she “didn’t lie” and also posted email communications with lawyer Lisa Bloom, tweeting:


More critics brought up the fact that Keke Palmer accused Songz of “sexual intimidation” in 2017 after he put her in his Pick Up the Phone video without her permission. She tweeted at the time:

“Just cause you give someone food and alcohol and throw in a little sexual intimidation doesn’t mean they will buckle. Yet, you still disrespected me as a young women, whom you’ve known since she was TWELVE. YOU STILL, defied my wishes and in turn showed your lack of respect for a brand that took me fourteen years to build and put me in the video against my wishes.”

Thoughts on this drama, Perezcious readers?

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