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Trying To Keep Her Name In The Headlines

Militant vegan Heather Mills has singlehandedly ruined one seafood entrepreneur’s business!
Takin’ those pescotarians down one at a time, Mucca???
Mills, while on her extensive spending spree, agreed to buy East Sussex’ Big Fish Cafe last year for ├é┬ú255,000 ($360,000 USD) with plans to turn the popular seafood restaurant into a strictly veggie joint.
But this week, Heather served former owner Nick Short with a letter from her lawyer informing the head of the seafood cafe that she will be paying him a mere £140,000 (about $200,000 USD) for the space!!!
In case you’ve forgotten, Heather received $30 million dollars in her divorce settlement from Sir Paul McCartney.
“I got a letter from her lawyer saying the price had dropped to ├é┬ú140,000. It blamed the credit crunch and the ‘current economic climate,'” said Short. “I’d put off other buyers who were offering the full price thinking I had a deal with Heather. There was nowhere else I could go… I have been well and truly worked over by Heather.”
As well as stiffing Short, Mills generously decided to hire a entirely new waitstaff, leaving the six original cafe staffers out of a job.
Such a saint, that Mucca!
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Mar 16, 2009 13:30pm PDT

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