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Gunman Bought His AR-15 Just THREE HOURS Before Tulsa Hospital Massacre

tulsa hospital gunman purchased gun hours before shooting

Devastating news hit the nation yet again as reports came out of Oklahoma on Wednesday of yet another mass shooting. 

According to local reports, a gunman opened fire inside of the Natalie Building of St. Francis Hospital in Tulsa, killing four people and injuring several more. Among those killed were one hospital patient, a receptionist, and two physicians — one of whom was identified as the shooter’s primary target: Dr. Preston Phillips.

According to the chief of police, the shooter, a 45-year-old man, had a letter with him “which made it clear that he came in with the intent to kill Dr. Phillips and anyone who got in his way.” The police chief explained that Dr. Phillips had been his surgeon during a recent back operation, and he “blamed” him because of his pain: 

“He blamed Dr. Phillips for the ongoing pain following the surgery.”

So because the shooter was in pain, he felt the need to bring a lifetime of mourning upon multiple innocent families? It’s not like doing this would cure him! More lives were taken from the world for completely senseless reasons. It’s absolutely heartbreaking and sickening that this keeps happening.

He had at some point called his wife, either during the shooting or after, and she alerted authorities. He then died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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Disturbingly, the shooter had purchased 2 weapons prior to the attack — and purchased them completely legally. The firearms purchased were a semi-automatic handgun — purchased Sunday from a pawn shop and, yes, an AR-15. Shockingly, that rifle was purchased ONLY 3 HOURS before the mass shooting took place. 


Seriously?! NO ONE should have access to an assault rifle that quickly! EVER.

Clearly the man was unwell, having taken the lives of four people and injuring multiple — and our current laws just let someone like that have a heavy-duty firearm? Mere HOURS before going on a rampage?! It’s inexcusable.

Access to that AR-15 meant the shooter, who gained access to the hospital through a second-floor entrance from the parking garage, was able to do unthinkable damage before any response could be mounted. The first shots rang out around 4:52 p.m. and police were on the scene only 3 minutes later at 4:55 p.m. That’s an amazing response time — and it was still too late.

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Even more devastating are the stories of how the shooter’s victims were standing in his way to try and prevent the attack, and how he cruelly shot them down without a flinch. Hospital receptionists and patients shouldn’t have to be human shields because someone sold a deranged man a gun!

Once again, because of careless gun control, we are seeing blameless people being put in situations that are claiming their lives and wellbeing. When will we finally learn from our mistakes? The United States has had 223 mass shootings in 2022 alone — including one the day before in Waco and one the day after in Racine. That’s more than one mass shooting a day.


[Image via YouTube/CBS Miami]

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