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Tyler Cameron Scoffs At Critics Who Say He's Not The 'Perfect Guy' For Hannah Brown!

Tyler Cameron hits back at critic who says he isn't the "perfect guy" for Hannah Brown.

Bachelor fans are about as opinionated as they come, but Tyler Cameron isn’t here for any slander about his ever-changing relationship with Hannah Brown!

The Bachelorette alum clapped back at several fans on Instagram over the weekend after they suggested he and the 25-year-old reality TV starlet aren’t a good match for each other. Wait, weren’t people just shipping these two when they were all over TikTok together about a week ago? Is Tannah no longer a thing we should be rooting for?

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As we reported, Hannah spent the last few weeks in Jupiter, Florida hanging with Tyler and friends who dubbed themselves “The Quarantine Crew.” Their antics included making funny and flirty viral videos which only added to speculation that Brown and Cameron rekindled their romance. The pair’s chemistry was palpable and all anyone seemed to talk about for a while — but now that Brown is back home in Alabama, the public’s interest in seeing them as a couple seems to have wavered.

The drama started in the comments section of Tyler’s latest post, a slideshow of images featuring his hometown crew hanging on a boat during “better days” sans any trace of the former Bachelorette. One user wrote:

“Move on people .. Hannah will choose the perfect guy for her one day it’s not Tyler .. and the crew is boring without her. Her and Ryan [Cameron] and Matt [James] were the best.”

The 27-year-old didn’t take kindly to that shade and clapped back with:

“How many cats do you have?”

Uhh, we understand being upset about the comment but the overused “you’re a single, bitter cat person” trope feels a bit corny here. Tyler could’ve also been defending his “boring” crew, but his tone hints otherwise. Another IG user suggested the male model has split personalities and shared why they think he and Hannah won’t work out in the long run:

“Tyler probably won’t read this, but I’m sorry you definitely have 2 personalities. The dear sweet one on ‘The Bachelor’ and the one who is acting like a total jerk. Hannah probably couldn’t get away from you fast enough.”

Again, Cameron replied in a slightly misogynistic fashion when he said:

“Looks like we got another cat lady on our hands.”

Ch-ch-check out both exchanges captured by a fan account (below):

Oh, how things have changed! One minute you’re America’s reality TV darlings and the next — you’re not! Kudos to Tyler for sticking up for himself, though. And for the record, nobody’s perfect!

As we mentioned earlier, there’s still a huge question mark about what’s actually going on between Miz Brown and her ex. There are rumors the two shared a bed together while they were social distancing down in Florida which certainly raised eyebrows. But just one day after the Alabama native returned home, Cameron clarified his relationship with Hannah and referred to her as “a good friend” during a Zoom chat with fans on Thursday, April 2.

It’s not unlike what we heard from an Us Weekly source back in March who spoke to seemed to downplay anything more than friendship:

“Tyler and Hannah are very much aware of the attention that’s been on them recently. They have a lot of love for each other. It’s been a hectic year for them both and they finally found some time in their schedules to connect.”

But that same month, a different insider hinted said there could be a possibility for more in the future:

“They have a lot of love for each other. They’re great friends and have a lot of fun together. It’s as simple as that…Guys and girls can be friends without it being romantic. Could something happen down the line? Sure.”

We’ve asked this before and we’ll ask again: do U think there’s more going on with them than we’re aware of? Does Tyler’s defensive response make U ship them even more or less?

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[Image via WENN/Instar/Instagram].

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