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Uvalde Shooter’s 17-Year-Old Cousin Arrested After Saying He'd 'Do The Same' To Pre-K School

Uvalde Shooter’s 17-Year-Old Cousin Arrested After Allegedly Making ‘Terroristic Threats’ To San Antonio School

A Texas teen has been arrested after allegedly threatening to shoot up a school. That would be horrifying enough on its own, but it’s made more shocking by the identity of his cousin: the Uvalde shooter.

On Tuesday, KABB reported that a 17-year-old had been taken into custody in San Antonio after his mother told police he was planning to “do the same thing” as his 18-year-old cousin, who tragically took the lives of 19 kids and two teachers at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas last year.

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According to court documents obtained by the news station, the teen made “terroristic threats” on Monday morning to the Gardendale Early Learning Program. It isn’t even his school, it’s for pre-kindergarten aged children. Horrifying. Not only that he allegedly threatened his own sister, claiming he was going to shoot her in the head. The sister then informed their mother, who didn’t hesitate to call the police — even though it was her own son.

The teen’s poor mother and sister, who confirmed the 17-year-old was the first cousin of the Uvalde shooter, had also apparently overheard a phone conversation of in which he discussed the “terroristic threats” to the pre-k school, and that he was attempting to purchase an AR-15 assault rifle through an illegal private sale.

The suspect’s mother noted concern because the teen is already on probation, and was allegedly intoxicated when he made the threats. She also shared that they live near an elementary school, which, rightfully so, made her all the more nervous.

Thank god she didn’t waste any time reporting her son… While there wasn’t any immediate danger as the school won’t be in session until next week, you never know what he could have done in the meantime. If he really did make those sorts of claims about the school and his own sister — and was actively soliciting an assault rifle — he clearly isn’t in the right state of mind and could put his own life or the lives of others at serious risk in the meantime.

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According to KABB, his sister told detectives that she had been giving the teen suspect a ride in her vehicle when he allegedly told her he was going to shoot her in the head and “shoot the school.” She added that she believed his threats because of their family’s history and his knowledge of his cousin’s monstrous actions last year.

As of now, the teen is being held at Bexar County Jail on the felony charge of making a terroristic threat to a public place and a misdemeanor charge of making a terroristic threat against a family member, according to Bexar County Central Magistrate records. He has been charged as an adult. See the initial report (below):

What an awful situation. Thankfully, the suspect’s mother and sister could have potentially just save countless lives.

[Image via News 4 (WOAI) San Antonio/YouTube]

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