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Ariana Madix Actually DEFENDED Raquel Leviss Against Vanderpump Rules 'Mean Girl' Attacks Before Tom Sandoval Affair Reveal!!

Ariana Madix & Tom Sandoval Stand Up For Raquel Leviss Against Vanderpump Rules 'Mean Girl' Attacks Before Affair Reveal!!

It turns out Ariana Madix had Raquel Leviss‘ back… at first!

Wednesday night brought us another new episode of Vanderpump Rules, and in the ep — which, again, was filmed before Raquel’s affair with Ariana’s then-boyfriend Tom Sandoval came to light — Madix unknowingly moves to defend Raquel from criticism! YEESH!!!

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This all kicked off after a girls’ trip that went awry. In it, Raquel slammed Lala Kent for being a “mistress bimbo.” That comment came about after the 28-year-old Leviss got emotional about Lala sleeping with Raquel’s ex-fiancé James Kennedy back when the two were an item.

When Lala — as well as Katie Maloney and Kristina Kelly — came down on Raquel hard for worrying about the past, Ariana took issue. In a confessional, the 37-year-old Madix lamented how the other women in the group were giving Raquel the “mean girl treatment.” And to Lala’s face, Ariana added this defense of Leviss:

“I’m not down with ‘mistress’ comment, but I do feel like there is some unresolved s**t about the you and James stuff.”

Lala dismissed that retort, saying everybody had “moved on” from the situation already. Then, Katie added:

“[Raquel] needs to get her head checked.”

Immediately, Ariana clapped back against that nasty comment:

“That’s mean.”

And that wasn’t it! Seeing Katie, Kristina, and Lala going on the warpath, Ariana removed herself from the sitch saying she didn’t want to keep “doing the ‘Tom-against-the-girls’ thing.”

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Raquel rejoined the convo at that point, but it came at a bad time. When she queried the trio about what was going on, Lala immediately snapped back at Leviss and implied she was dumb:

“Put a thought together … I know you can do it.”


And then the REALLY interesting thing happened! With Madix moved on from the ‘Tom-against-the-girls’ spat, as she put it, Sandoval himself jumped in. Clearly frustrated by Lala’s incessant sniping and picking at Raquel, the TomTom owner hit his proverbial breaking point!

He yelled at Lala:

“Ugh! Jesus! Like, dude, can you stop? I can’t unsee the f**king bully that you were to her. For no reason! For no reason! To literally flex your f**king power!”

Raquel agreed with Tom (LOLz…), and called Lala a “bully” who is “f**king pathetic.”

Then, Leviss pointed out that there was a legit history there for her to have such discord with Kent:

“There is a reason [for the bullying]. You wanna know why? Because she slept with James while we were together!”

Oh, the irony…

Lala again tried to claim Raquel had already “moved on” from that memory. But Tom continued to stand up for his co-star (who, as it turns out, he’d been having an affair with) by adding:

“You have moved on from it … She has not. She just got this information f**king two weeks ago.”


Ariana returned later during the disagreement to try to play peacemaker once more. Holding up the other end for Leviss amid the verbal assault, Madix told Lala, Katie, and Kristina that their rumble with Raquel needed “to be squared today.”

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And yet Leviss wasn’t done. She picked out Lala for a final piece of criticism:

“You’re a bully. You’re f**king pathetic. I don’t need this energy in my life. I learned this lesson with James, and I’m finally learning my lesson with you, and if you guys [Katie and Kristina] are gonna be little Chihuahua followers, literally I’m done. We will never be friends. We will never see eye-to-eye.”

Ocean Kent Emmett‘s momma wasn’t even trying to hear Leviss deliver that stand, though. While looking visibly annoyed, Lala impatiently responded:

“Alright, that’s fine. You’ve told me all of this. I’m so bored. Are you done? Are you finished? I’m so bored. You’ve said it six times. Are you done?”

Ultimately, Raquel ended the spat with a jaw-dropping closer:

“You give off mistress bimbo vibes, and I cannot stand it.”


Then, in a confessional, Raquel capped it all off with a comment about how she has “leveled up” amid the drama:

“I honestly feel like I’ve leveled up from this girls’ trip, because a lot of my motivation in life has been to be liked by other people. So, the fact that I’m facing Lala Kent? I’m loving this new version of me.”

Even Tom Schwartz got in on the confessional commentary. When he got wind that Raquel stood up to Lala during the now-infamous trip, he delivered this interesting line to cameras:

“Hearing that Raquel stood up to Lala, I don’t know, I’m kinda impressed. She is kinda thriving. Kinda hot.”

Well how about that

Again, this all went down before Raquel’s romantic run-around with Sandoval was revealed to the world! So knowing Scandoval is just around the bend makes some of these moments — Sandoval’s defense of Leviss, Raquel calling Lala a “mistress bimbo,” Ariana defending Raquel — very, very interesting indeed!!

Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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