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TikToker Impressively Turns Her Hookup History Into Spreadsheet Data -- See What She Learned!

TikToker Impressively Turns Her Hookup History Into Spreadsheet Data -- See What she Learned!

As we may all know, finding a relationship is a tricky environment to navigate — especially if you join the world of online dating apps. And it sadly requires a certain amount of trial and error (and charts) before you find that special person(s). If you’re doing a double-take right now, yes, we said charts!

In case this hasn’t shown up on your For You Page, a woman on TikTok hilariously confessed in a series of videos that she made a spreadsheet ranking and categorizing everyone she has ever hooked up with — including how good they were in bed and why they broke up.

“When I first started online dating a couple of years ago I made a spreadsheet. I had things like how excited I was to meet them, how the good sex was, how I rated the first date, what did we do for the first date. When we met, what app we met on, how many dates we went on, why I stopped seeing them, their approximate height, and their occupation.”

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We think it’s safe to say we all appreciate her meticulous effort here, and we do not possess the same dedicated energy to do all of this work! LOLz!

The Sagittarius star sign (yes, sorry, she is not a Virgo despite the energy she radiates) added that she even made some colorful graphs to easily digest the information.

“I made charts using my data as well because data is beautiful.”

It’s the commitment for us! Take a look at what we are talking about (below):


#stitch with @crelyea12 where my spreadsheet gang at @redjustinphan @manicbunnie #tinder #hinge

♬ original sound – Jenny

In case you were slightly curious, Jenny’s data showed some enlightening findings: such as Tinder and Hinge, being the app she found the majority of her dates, while Bumble, Coffee Meets Bagel, and The League were less likely to produce results.

Are you guys taking some notes yet?

She also made a “survival curve,” noting that once a man went past a fourth date, the more likely she would attempt to “see them ten plus times.” After she crunched the numbers, she said:

“About 41% of my first dates convert to second dates. And only about 20% of them make it past the third date, where I find the curve starts to drop off and flatten out.”


Reply to @edzo256 #greenscreen

♬ original sound – Jenny

Truly fascinating!

The 31-year-old, who revealed she now has a long-term boyfriend, found that the biggest reason a date didn’t work out was because there was no attraction and claimed that there’s no such thing as “the spark.”

In the clip, the mathematician charted how much she couldn’t wait to see someone from 1 (meh) to 5 (yay) to see if it had any impact on her connection to a match and then “subtracted reality minus expectations.” Per her discoveries, the genius tiktoker saw that some people she was excited to connect with didn’t live up to her hopes after meeting, while some she wasn’t excited about ended up becoming long-term relationships.


Reply to @statemachine I’m so glad someone asked! More to come #dating

♬ original sound – Jenny

Therefore, she concluded that:

“The spark is a myth, and great chemistry can develop with someone over time.”

While we still think both can be true: you CAN find sparks, but you can also find chemistry with others over time, we love her approach all the same!

The San Francisco native went on to further explain in a pie chart, sharing that 73.7 percent had “no attraction,” 7.9 percent “weren’t emotionally available,” 10.5 percent turned into a “platonic friendship,” 5.3 percent moved “too fast,” and 2.6 percent “dumped her.”


Here’s my dating app journey in a pie chart #hinge #tinder

♬ original sound – Jenny

We’ve all been there before, girl! In the end, Jenny determined that:

“A lot of guys say girls have it easy in online dating, but dating is really hard. Everyone has a hard time finding someone they’re attracted to and having that feeling be reciprocated.”

Since the release of her informative videos, they’ve gained millions of views, and many people were super impressed with her spreadsheet extravaganza. As we can all expect, there also were some social media users who weren’t believers in the number facts, commenting:

“I feel so objectified…”
“Girl, you need help for real. Impressive date but it’s not healthy.”
“I’m just going to say it… I think you might be the problem.”
“Holy red flags…”
“I’m sure your fun at parties.”
“That’s why your single”

After receiving a ton of similar messages like these, Jenny addressed the criticism in one of her videos, saying:

“I got a lot of comments on my last video calling me crazy for logging my dating app data but come on, we log our sleep, our calories, our steps. I did this to see if I could find any trends, insights, and patterns from my dating app behavior. I wanted to see if how much I looked forward to meeting someone had any impact on how the date went.”

All we can say guys is that you can’t hate the cold-hard stats!

Okay, Perezcious readers, what do U think about Jenny’s findings? Are U impressed? Do U think U want to start tracking your dating history stats? Let us know in the comments (below)!

[Image via @FindingJenny/TikTok]

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