We Usually Hate Remakes, But….


THIS is one idea we fucking LOVE!!!!!!!!

One of our all-time favorite childhood shows is coming back to TV!

Variety reports that V, the 1980s miniseries turned TV show about alien lizards invading Earth, will be hitting the airwaves again.

ABC is developing an updated version of the show for primetime.

It will be written by The 4400 co-creator/exec producer Scott Peters.

Peters said, “Whenever I mention V to anybody, they still have a lot of good memories about the original movie and series. Everybody has that imagery of their uniforms, or the visitor eating a hamster. It├óΓé¼Γäós a science fiction icon and too good to pass up.”


P.S. Bring back Robert Englund!!!!!!!!!!

Update: OMG!!!!!!!

According to IMDB, Robert IS on the new V show!!!


[Image via WENN.]

Oct 11, 2008 4:00pm PDT

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