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Wedding Ruined When Groom's Mother Splashed Bride With Red Paint & More! WTF?!

Wedding Ruined As Groom's Mother Hired Someone To Splash Bride With Red Paint! WTF?!

A couple’s fairytale wedding ended up a complete nightmare when the groom’s mother did everything she could to sabotage the big day! Get ready for a wild story, Perezcious readers…

According to a Reddit post, a woman named Alexandra was gearing up to tie the knot with her fiancé in Ciudad Obregón, Sonora, Mexico. But there was a big problem with their nuptials… the groom’s family HATED his fiancée! Why?

The unnamed groom apparently came from a very wealthy family, and his mom, Maupe, expected him to marry someone else who was already rich. However, that’s not how love works. Alexandra didn’t come from the same background as her husband-to-be — causing his family to automatically assume she only wanted his money. So they decided to try to ruin the wedding!

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Before the ceremony, the family first attempted to bribe Alexandra to dump him, offering her a check to leave and never come back. The post, not written by but about Alexandria btw, read:

“They threatened her repeatedly, made multiple social media accounts to harass her, and when confronted by the husband, they denied everything. The brother-in-law offered her a blank check to leave her husband and the family for good.”


A Twitter thread noted the family even told Alexandra they would make her life “impossible” if she continued the relationship. But she refused to cave under pressure! She was determined to show the family she was not a “gold digger” and remained with her fiancé. Things continued to escalate from there. Maupe allegedly faked a heart attack in an attempt to get the wedding canceled! What?! The Reddit post claimed she even blamed the lovebirds for making her sick and demanded they “cover all of her medical costs.” Crazy, right?! And it only gets worse…

The mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and sister-in-law refused to attend the wedding. Not only that, Maupe then “hired someone to throw red paint on the bride’s dress right before walking down the aisle!” The post said:

“The day of the wedding, mother-in-law, brother-in-law, and the sister-in-law all refused to attend, which, fair enough, but apparently they hired someone to throw red paint on the bride’s dress right before walking down the aisle. Three men ran up to her, two with cans of paint and another recording, and covered her dress in red. The photos are of the aftermath. At first, guests thought the red paint might be blood. I can’t even imagine what that must’ve felt like.”


How terrible! This poor girl! The post continued:

“Bride said she initially felt as if it was water, but then saw everyone’s shocked faces, and her friends were trying to reassure her that she still looked beautiful. She says the worst part of it was looking at her mother’s face, because initially she thought she had been physically hurt.”

Despite what happened, Alexandra refused to let it get her down. Instead, she went home and changed into a gold gown while everyone waited for her to return to finish the ceremony. Unfortunately, though, the family didn’t stop with the red paint debacle. They allegedly called the police on the couple, saying there were drugs at the wedding! The post claimed:

“The groom’s family also found out where the photos would be taken and sent an anonymous tip to the police saying that they could find drugs there, and that the groom might be in possession of them. The police arrived and all of the guests present were searched. The groom was close to being taken away in handcuffs. There is suspicion that the brother-in-law bribed the police, but thankfully in the end that didn’t happen.”

Phew! The wedding proceeded to go on “without issues,” according to the post. Since the mother-in-law’s plans to sabotage the ceremony failed, she made one last ditch effort to ruin Alexandra and her man’s special moment. The Reddit post claimed Maupe attempted to “steal” her son’s “passport and visa” before the honeymoon!

“Lastly, after the wedding and before the honeymoon, the groom’s family stole his passport and visa. They also tried to bribe the travel agency to ruin the trip.”

Thankfully, their plan “didn’t work” again. The bride and groom went on to have their honeymoon. As for the pair’s relationship with the groom’s loved ones ever since? Well, it’s safe to say the newlyweds won’t be attending any family barbecues in the future! According to the post, the father-in-law “fired the groom from the family business.” Oof. We doubt Alexandra and her hubby would want to have any connection with the family — not after the horrible way they treated the two on what should have been one of the best days of their lives! We wouldn’t blame them if they never wanted to see or speak to the family again!

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[Image via Movieclips/YouTube]

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