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Wendy Williams’ Brother Claims She's ‘Stuck’ In Treatment Facility!

Wendy Williams’ Brother Claims She's ‘Stuck’ In Treatment Facility!

All Wendy Williams’ brother wants for her is her freedom.

In the wake of news that the beloved TV host has been diagnosed with primary progressive aphasia and frontotemporal dementia, her brother Tommy Williams is speaking out against her guardianship. He claims she’s “stuck” in it, despite having a family that wants to care for her. He told Us Weekly on Tuesday:

“I know that she is stuck and we are trying to unstick her. Her family is here and she doesn’t need a facility. We are here to take care of her. All I want for her is freedom. We have a father who would love to see her.”

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Wendy was court ordered to leave the care of her son Kevin Hunter Jr. in Miami in 2022 and return to New York to enter a guardianship after Wells Fargo alleged she was the “victim of undue influence and financial exploitation.” But Tommy says having her separated from the family has been “extremely difficult.” He told the outlet:

“We’re dealing with unknowns. We just want to be able to check in with her. I would fly up there [to New York], but where do I go? No one knows anything.We can’t communicate unless someone patches us through. We wait for calls. I wait for calls from Wendy or my sister or whoever she can get to first and we can all hop on. When she makes that phone call [to us], we’re committed to listening and sharing for the moment.”

So sad! And so bizarre…

He added it “seems like forever” since he’s seen his sis. And he blames the people she’s currently around:

“It’s because of the people who she is around. You can’t leave. You’re there as part of a program. It’s the one thing that is holding her and keeping her from communicating, traveling and doing all the things she likes to do.”

Ugh. So unfortunate. What are your thoughts on this latest update?? Let us know down in the comments.

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