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If John Tucker Must Die Happened IRL! West Elm Caleb Goes Viral On TikTok For Ghosting Women After Dates!

If John Tucker Must Die Happened IRL! West Elm Caleb Goes Viral On TikTok For Ghosting Women After Dates!

Attention single ladies of New York City: beware of West Elm Caleb!

A 25-year-old furniture designer for West Elm named Caleb Hunter has gone viral on TikTok and not for the best of reasons. Many women in the New York City area, who have apparently been on a couple of dates with him, recently exposed his alleged playboy ways and shared their similar experiences of being ghosted by the alleged serial dater. While it is not uncommon for someone to be led on by a man these days, the John Tucker Must Die parallels are just wild here!

According to several accounts, West Elm Caleb first links up with these women on the dating app Hinge. And it seems like he even has a clear formula for winning them over – specifically sending similar, super affectionate texts, renaming Spotify playlists, so it seems it was meant for one person, and then wining and dining them. However, they also have the same endings. He reportedly drops off the face of the earth and cuts off all communication with them after a short period of time. Yikes! What is even worse is that the guy has been accused of lying to the women he dates or dating many women at the same time!

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So how did this drama begin? It appears it all blew up when one social media user named Mimi Shou accidentally realized she may have been a part of West Elm Caleb gate when detailing her experience with the man in a video on TikTok. After posting the initial clip, she explained that soon received comments and messages from other women who questioned if she was speaking to the furniture designer:

“I kept having girls comment, being like, ‘Is this the West Elm Caleb?’ And I’m like, ‘Who is this West Elm Caleb and why do you guys keep asking that? How do you all know this guy?’”

Then, one woman in particular reached out saying she was also speaking to the same guy after matching on Hinge. She claimed that Caleb kept “love bombing” her even though they had never met in person before. Crazy! But FYI, Mimi later confirmed that her Caleb was NOT the infamous West Elm Caleb after all. Ch-ch-check out the video (below):


Reply to @hannahklub tiktok algorithm do yo thang #warning #westelmcaleb #nyc

♬ original sound – MEEMS


Still, the floodgates were opened, and countless other ladies opened up about their experiences with the alleged guy! Another woman named Kelly, who allegedly dated him for 6 weeks over the holidays, shared receipts of the text messages sent by Caleb where he gushed about his feelings for her, claimed he deleted Hinge and sent the infamous Spotify playlist. But when she started noticing some pretty sus moments from him, Caleb suddenly ghosted her. Listen to her story (below):


Reply to @jalmones #greenscreen ya this man ghosted me on Saturday and I found out through tik tok 🙂 anyways enjoy another sad dating story from me #nyc #fyp #dating #hinge

♬ original sound – kell


While it is unknown if Caleb knows about the public hate happening right now, many have hopped on Twitter to share their opinions on the drama playing out on TikTok. One person wrote:

“u want me to date??? a man??? in nyc????? what if he’s the next west elm caleb I can’t deal with that”

Another expressed:

“west elm caleb is the nyc working woman’s pete davidson”

And a third person commented this relatable AF note:

“Just watched all those west elm caleb videos on tiktok. How do people find the time to date and ghost so many girls?? It takes me three weeks to reply to just one message from a friend and after that I’m exhausted”

We may never know the whole story since Caleb has yet to share his side – but one thing sounds for sure, New York women will be cautious if a man named Caleb from West Elm matches with them on Hinge! Reactions, Perezcious readers? Do you have any dating horror stories? Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

[Image via Movieclips Classic Trailers/Youtube]

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