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When Whores Lie


According to Charlie Sheen‘s friends, Denise Richards is a big fat liar.

No surprise there!

The fame-seeking, money-hungry, desperate attention whore is making it seem like she’s hard up for cash, when she’s really been making millions by not even lifting a finger.

After her split from Sheen, she received $60,000 a month, tax free, for two years in alimony.

Almost $1.5 million in two years!!! For doing nothing!

Oh, and she ALSO receives $52,000 a month, also tax-free, in child-support for her two kids with Sheen, Lola and Sam.

Damn, if we were Sheens’ attorneys, we’d want to see monthly receipts for the kids that add up to $52k a month.


Turns out Richards makes well over $600k a year just on child support.

Oh, and it’s reported that she also gets a piece of Sheen’s show, Two and a Half Men, which eventually will give her up to $25 million!


Sheen needed a better pre-nup!

So, aside from ALL that money, Richards has been going media-crazy promoting her new reality show, It’s Complicated, which will debut this weekend on E!

We don’t recommend you waste your time watching it.

And, while on all the media programs, like The View and Larry King Live, Richards commented that she was doing the show to make money to support her children.

What, $52k a month isn’t enough?!?!?

A friend of Charlie says Richards “gets more than enough money from Charlie to never have to work, much less do a reality show that exploits the kids.”

Very true.

A rep for Sheen said on his behalf, “The mere fact that she continues to publicly discuss and harass both Brooke and me three years after our separation, which for the record is longer than the actual length of the marriage, is beyond desperate and speaks volumes.”


Team Charlie!

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May 22, 2008 13:30pm PDT

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