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Nicole Richie

Where In The World Is Nicole Richie???

CLICK HERE to find out! reader Ashley spotted the pregnant Simple Life star this weekend.
She shares with us all:
“I work in downtown annapolis, maryland which is where joel madden is from. We
are used to seeing joel and his girlfiends wander around town. Last 4th of
July, hil and joel were at a downtown restaurant. But no one had yet to see
nicole and joel and there +1 together. Wellll, as I said, I work at a clothing
store downtown, and one of the girls, Ally, saw joel and nicole leaving
mcgarveys, a bar/pub type place. We all ran outside to see joel go into the
nearby coffee shop, and nicole ran to the car. Being the fantastic celebrity
stalkers that we are, we found nicole in the car and gazed adoringly. she
looked so cute and was wearing a yellow dress, head scarf, and white wayfarers
obvs. she averted her eyes, but we love her all the same. I bet they thought
they would be away from prying eyes in Annapolis, but no one is safe from avid
perezhilton readers.”

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Jul 15, 2007 16:07pm PDT

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