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'Will & Grace' Feud! Did Debra Messing & Megan Mullally Rift Destroy The Show??

Will Grace Debra Messing Megan Mullally Feud Instagram Show Canceled

Well, this is a bitter pill to swallow on a Wednesday. But the evidence is a little too convincing…

Just three weeks ago, we learned the sad news we’d be losing Will & Grace yet again as the upcoming Season 11 would be the last.

It was both heartbreaking and confusing as the ratings seemed solid enough to keep the revival, well, revived. It was even NBC‘s second most viewed sitcom (behind Superstore, apparently).

Now we may have a working theory as to why the hilarious (and important! thanks, Joe Biden!) sitcom may have imploded — some kind of rift between its two female leads!

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It all started when some fans noticed Debra Messing and Megan Mullally had unfollowed one another on Instagram!

It’s unclear when that happened, but news of the unfollowing spread quickly over the past few days — accompanied by some cryptic messages from Megan.

In a now deleted IG Story, Megan shared the sentiment:

“One of the best feelings is finally losing your attachment to somebody who isn’t good for you!”

And on her regular IG she went even more vague:

“Don’t ask people for directions if they’ve never been where you’re going!”

Wow, she really went the full Khloé Kardashian there!

But don’t worry, those definitely are not about Megan’s hubby Nick Offerman. The comic couple are still being as adorably TMI as ever:

Megan Mullally Nick Offerman Instagram
Just a slight camera tilt and we’d be able to see Ron’s Swanson… / (c) Megan Mullally/Instagram

And Megan’s feed wasn’t the only one with hints the friendship had come to a bad end.

If you look just two months back on Debra’s IG, there’s a perfectly innocent “For Your Consideration” post supporting Will & Grace getting some Emmy nominations.

Debra Messing Will and Grace FYC post Instagram
Spoiler alert: the show got snubbed. / (c) Debra Messing/Instagram

No problem with that, right?

Except when you click on the tags, something very peculiar pops up…

Everyone else — Eric McCormackSean Hayes, show creators James Burrows and Max Mutchnick, are all tagged.

Everyone but Megan.

Debra Messing Will and Grace FYC post Instagram tags
Ironically, Megan was the only regular cast member to be nominated for an Emmy in 2018. / (c) Debra Messing/Instagram

BTW, Megan and Debra both still follow Eric and Sean, and the boys follow them.

So this is strictly a situation between the female stars — and it may have been going on for quite a while!

If you roll back Megan’s IG feed with this rift in mind, there are some more cryptic posts which suddenly feel a bit more obvious…

Like one in May, where she shared:

Megan Mullally Instagram
(c) Megan Mullally/Instagram

The people who “use your success as ammunition against you” — who could that be? So specific…

This goes all the way back to January, as she posted two very telling ones then. First this quote:

Megan Mullally Instagram
(c) Megan Mullally/Instagram

About which Megan wrote:

okay what i get from this goes a little something like this: not everyone is going to be in your corner. it’s okay to let go of relationships that aren’t healthy and positive, even with people you’ve known for years and once trusted. there are other people on the planet. look for friendships that are genuine, kind, supportive, and reciprocal. avoid those who have betrayed, bullied, or abused you in the past. they don’t have your best intentions at heart.”

Huh. “Betrayed, bullied, or abused”?? Dang.

And another with balloons:

Megan Mullally Instagram
(c) Megan Mullally/Instagram

About which she wrote:

“currently obsessed with this quote ? you know how certain things resonate with you at certain times? and this is of course applicable not just in romantic relationships. work, family, and friendships also apply”

She even called out work and friendships?? She was spelling it out for us!

OK, we’re sold on their being a feud. But could this really have been the reason an entire TV show ended??

Well, here’s what the show’s exec producers said of the decision to pull the plug last month despite the good ratings:

“We think of the Will & Grace episodes the way Karen Walker thinks of martinis — 51 is not enough, 53 is too many. That is why, after consulting with the cast, we all have decided this will be the final season of Will & Grace.”

Consulting with the cast.

So it was a decision at least partially made based on the cast, and NOT word from the network.


[Image via FayesVision/WENN.]

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