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Woman Allegedly Killed Sister & Baby Niece Over... 'Sibling Rivalry'??

sister accused of murdering sister and niece over sibling rivalry

If you have siblings you know how deep and often the arguments are — but this California woman took her rivalry with her sister way too far…

In late September Fresno Police Department responded to reports of multiple gunshots being fired in the bedroom of a South Fruit Avenue residence. Officers never expected to find the gruesome scene they did inside the home — the bodies of 18-year-old Yanelly Solorio-Rivera and her 3-week-old daughter Celine. Both of them were pronounced dead at the scene due to gunshot wounds. The young mother was believed to have been sleeping while holding her baby when the horrific crime occurred.

Just gut-wrenching…

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At the time, law enforcement had a lead in the form of a video showing a person of interest. They offered a $25,000 reward for any information on the killing — and now nearly 2 months later they finally have the answers they were looking for. The ones arrested for the murder were Yanelly’s 22-year-old sister Yarelly Solorio-Rivera and her boyfriend 26-year-old Martin Arroyo-Morales.

Yeah… It’s alleged the young woman and her baby were murdered in a “premeditated and intricately planned” crime committed by her own sister. And according to Fresno Police Chief Paco Balderrama during a Thursday news conference — the motive only makes this case all the more disturbing:

“We can now say with complete certainty that we have those responsible for this homicide in custody. We have the murder weapon, a Smith & Wesson 9mm handgun, and we have a motive: jealousy and sibling rivalry.”

So heartbreaking. The horrendous crime affected the entire community — especially the officials that worked directly with the case:

“The murder scene was dramatic for all officers, detectives, EMS personnel, and crime scene technicians who responded to the scene. The crime left us all feeling perplexed and very angry, asking ourselves, who would do something like this — who would murder an 18-year-old mother and her 3-week-old daughter while they slept?”

Getting angry or feeling jealous is common, but to go this far? To murder a teenager and her newborn baby? Sickening.

Balderrama said the two suspects confessed to the crime after their arrests and cops noticed “no remorse whatsoever” — in fact, he said Solorio-Rivera was the one who said jealousy was the reason she did it!

Fresno County District Attorney Lisa A. Smittcamp also spoke during the Thursday conference, saying the prosecutors may seek the death penalty for the slayings:

“With special circumstances murder brings the opportunity for very significant penalties. In this case, the special circumstances murder brings about the penalty of life without the possibility of parole or the potential of the death penalty. Those decisions will be made as the case progresses through the court system.”

Both Yarelly and Martin are currently being held in Fresno County Jail on $2 million bond. They will be arraigned in county superior court early next week. You can watch the full press conference (below):

Our hearts are with Yanelly and Celine’s family and loved ones as they navigate this unimaginable loss. May they rest in peace.

[Image via Fresno County Police Department/ABC7/YouTube]

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